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If I determine, through my own judgment, that a BJD company has committed plagiarism of another company's designs, I can never support that company in any way again. Here is my list of permanently contaminated companies and why I can never touch them:

I can't touch Bobobie because they knocked off MythDoll Wujee.

I can't touch DollZone because they knocked off Volks Yukinojo.

I can't touch LaiDoll because they knocked off Luts White Riche and Black Riche outfits.

I can't touch DollMore because they knocked off Dollshe Hound. Of all the companies that I can't touch, the inclusion of DollMore on the list saddens me the most. Before they got stupid, sloppy and illegal, they made solid, attractive, well-articulated dolls and a variety of affordable, stylish clothing. I really like my modded DollMore Bella Auden body [for Frank -- incidentally uncontaminated because she was produced and purchased BEFORE DollMore's slide into lying, cheating and contamination]. As recent blog entries attest, I also really like DollMore clothes, but I can't buy them any more because some sneaky idiot thought it would be a brilliant idea to use a copy of Dollshe Hound molds to make the DollMore Model Doll boys. How lazy, stupid and criminal can you get?

I'll update the list if I judge any other BJD companies idiots to have plagiarized.


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