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  • $50.00 worth of 8mm eyeballs from Fairy Garden...coming from China, probably on the literal slow boat.
  • Shipment from the Crack Peddlar, including Isabel's head, Carter's faceplate, a long pink 1:6 scale wig and a magenta wig for Mr. Pointyhead McDemandypants.
  • Package from, containing 1:6 scale toilet [prank] and blender [tree ornament?!].
  • Shipment from OJI, including a 1:6 scale women's lab coat and leggings in lemon, lime, hot pink and bright purple.
  • Stuff from, including a grey 1:6 scale office chair [for use as an actual office chair] and a 1:6 scale folding chair [to be used as the base for a rolling walker].
  • Humidifier...actually not doll-related. :p It gets really dry around here in the winter. :(
  • Custom winter hat from Kimberly Newberg on Etsy, made especially to fit my big fat head. [I'm serious; my head is just a little bit larger than "one size fits most," much to my annoyance.] Not only was this hat eminently affordable, but it was also made to my measurements and fabric selections, so I sure hope it works out!
  • Clothes from Andrea in my signature style. This is still pending, as it's part of a trade, and I have yet to specify prints/sizes/pieces I want.
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