Dec. 19th, 2012 02:01 pm
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1:6 scale fish bowls with feesh! Apparently none of the 1:6 scale people have read that their feesh need to have much more water than that, though. :/

EDIT: Make your own feesh in a bowl.

EDIT 2: Or just dispense with the resin and 3-D feesh, and just use a print backdrop with printed feesh, as well as some gravel and plants for the ground, but nothing for the water.

EDIT 3: To make it even easier, find a clear container, add gravel and plants and some kitschy miniatures to the bottom of the tank. Then put the top on, and you're done. Where are the feesh? They're hiding in the fake treasure chest and shipwreck. :p

Heck, this empty container ploy could also work for other animals that are good at hiding, like turtles, tarantulas, small lizards and small snakes.

"Is there supposed to be a spider in there?"

"If there isn't, we have a serious problem!"

Okay, now someone's got to have a pet disabled tarantula...

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