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This Band Aid stinker is the most colonialist, objectifying, racist, condescending piece of shit ever. I mean, seriously. African people experiencing hunger, starvation and food insecurity are even explicitly referred to as "the other ones," thus distanced and separated from the ostensible audience of the song, which is privileged [non-African] listeners from colonizing countries who have enough to eat. I understand that the song is trying to contrast the want of some people with the plenty of others, but the words that the lyricists use make the people in need sound practically subhuman.

I also really love how an entire continent is portrayed as a miserable monolith. No one's ever happy -- "...the only water flowing / Is a bitter sting of tears" -- in part because the weather's rotten ["that burning sun"] all the time. The entire landmass is apparently omitted from the water cycle, as there are no rivers there...or any precipitation, for that matter. Most tragically of all, everyone on the continent has no idea what date it is because they suffer a grievous calendar shortage.

Of course, the song portrays the solution to this dire lack of date tracking as colonialism: "Let them know it's Christmas time and / Feed the world." Yeah, have a sudden attack of white guilt and throw food at those ignorant people down there...or at least throw money. Your donations will magically function as a civilizing process that will turn them into devout Christians who can tell time and appropriately worship Our Lord and Savior the Son of God Capitalism.

Holy shit, that's a wretched song.

Date: Dec. 23rd, 2012 03:31 pm (UTC)
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Holy. Fucking. Shit. What a vomitfest. It's like vomitpalooza.

I get so annoyed at the assumption that Westerners should "feed the world." It most certainly should be everyone's (global everyone) responsibility to see to it that everyone has adequate food to eat. However, I really think that's best done, not from pumping one piece of soil full of chemicals to encourage it to over-yield and then take a lot of resources and expense to fly the surplus all over the place where it may or may not actually make it to hungry mouths because of weather, politics, and all the dangers of spoilage and pests and contamination.

How about promoting actual peace (which is different from the absence of war, and cannot exist where there is war or the threat of war), pumping more of those oft-misused charity monies into depleted economies, and empowering people to better their own corners of the globe in the ways that make the most sense to their vision of how they want to live.

I do want the world to be able to eat. But more than that, I want everyone to feel they can make a difference in their own community, because I think the biggest barrier to people solving problems or creating innovative strategies for making what's good better is the feeling that there's nothing they can do. I want everyone to have food, health care, education, and a life that is meaningful to their definition of it.

I guess it's because I grew up in a capitalist nation that I'm so greedy like that. XD

But yeah, ignorant tripe like this sure as hell isn't going to further those ideals. :P


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