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Well, that took long enough to find. Bronze Age Miniatures sells 54mm unpainted generics, which are the minifig equivalent of naked dolls. As with 1:6 scale action figures, there are only two body types available: 1) ripped and boobular ["female"] and 2) ripped and slightly taller ["male"]. God forbid that anyone be fat or scrawny!

I could probably work with a generic, though, giving it at least some fiber hair and a simple skirt like Flower and Mellifer's. I really need to know, though, about the body modding potential of these individuals. Does white metal respond to Dremelling? Sanding? Sawing? Addition of modeling paste? If so, I could easily get a female generic and perform Ye Olde Masectomie on it to have a body shape more approximating Lucian's. Hmmmm...

EDIT: I really wonder about some of these minifig sculptors' grasps on anatomy. The erect nipples on all the femfigs are way out of scale.

EDIT 2: Bronze Age Miniatures female generic #2 is a possibility, as are #3, #4, #8, #11 and #21. #8, #11 and #21 are relatively neutral stances. #11 and #21 are notable for having minimal knock knees and relatively relaxed arms.

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