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Soom is getting rid of some previous limiteds that were ordered and prepared, but not fully paid off. People have a few days next week to put a comment on their Q&A board about which doll they want and what options [if any] they want along with it. Only a few people will be chosen to have the chance to purchase the doll that they are interested in.

Amidst all the argle bargle about dolls that I am not interested in, I noticed that there will be 4 Faery Legend Aubers available, 2 in grey and 2 in white. Yup, the one I wanted 2 years ago, but did not get. Wondering if I should put my name in for one and, if so, which color I should apply for. [I can't put my name in once for grey and once for white. >:( ]

P.S. I asked Soom if they would release a Faery Legend this month [since they said that they would release one last month, and they lied]. The response was that they would either release one this month or next month, and I should check the Web site for details. Not helpful. :p


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