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I got three packages in the mail today! One was another 5StarDoll tiny girl body for another fat doll [not shown].

I also got a hutch with some accompanying crockery. Isabel's casual stance and appraising expression are cracking me up here.

Too bad one of the jars broke in transit, despite exceptionally well-padded packaging.

The third package was from Christina/allurose. I swapped her a bunch of Rements for this nifty Kitchen Littles [I thought it was Kenmore, but she corrected me] stove. It's a large, durable piece, well-made and in proper scale. It also has sound features: a whistling kettle noise, a timer beeping noise and a noise of something frying. Some of the dishes it came with are shown on top.

I also received two possibilities for Megan's footwear. Naturally, I'm going with the fuchsia flats.

I also got yet another pile of flat-pack furniture pieces, but I'm prepared this time. Christina labeled the parts and slots for easier assembly. HAH!

Still...why does Gloria insist on making everything fucking PINK?


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