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I did a quick mockup of my spring/summer forest set. I used a moss table runner for the ground. The backdrop is North American Wildlife 2011 Forest Green cotton print by Elizabeth's Studio [no really!]. The trees are my aforementioned sticks.

Some thoughts:

  • I really need to make weighted bases for my sticks. They keep falling over, whether I set them on my level desk or the uneven moss. The weighted bases will provide more support for the sticks and allow people to sit at the base of the trees without pushing the trees over. The bases will also add depth and variation to the currently flat ground.
  • I also need some ground cover, not a lot, but enough to make the ground look less relentlessly GREEN.
  • I have a functional foreground and a functional background, but I lack a functional midground. I need some undergrowth to provide depth to the scene and break up the line where the moss meets the backdrop.

Date: Mar. 18th, 2013 07:48 am (UTC)
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Where did you find the moss table runner? I'm guessing it's from a train/hobby store. It looks really fantastic!


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