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I have really disliked Jareth's default hands. As much as I find the sculpts elegant, they have wrist balls separate from the actual hands, and the hands frequently popped out of joint from the wrists.

I therefore thought that some substitutes with integrated wrist balls were in order. I really wanted a set of exaggeratedly elongated, slender hands to go along with the stalklike shape of the Doll Chateau adult male body. The fantasy hands that Soom issues with some of its female Monthly Dolls appeal to me, as they often have extra-long fingers and nails, but they are hard to find, given their limited editions.

Anyway, I found a set of Soom Breccia's Foxie [=fantasy] hands on the DOA marketplace and snapped 'em up. At first I wasn't sure about the brownish pink blushing on the fingertips, but it goes with Mr. Demandypants' style.

As a bonus, they're posed in a perfect position to facilitate nefarious plotting!

I also remembered how to create my own speech bubbles and how to make them automatically white with a thick black outline and a drop shadow.

Date: Mar. 26th, 2013 12:51 am (UTC)
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Oooooh what a great match! I love the pink polish, nicely done and it's a good touch.


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