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The latest Soom Faery Legend's pale green resin sparked the idea that such a color should belong to a vegetation sprite. I thus invented the following dryad concept, growing from greenish-brownish bark [possibly sculpted?] on calves and forearms, through general green across most of the body, crowned with a little forest for hair.

The tree hair would be either sculpted the way that my friend Erica does her 1:6 scale bonsai trees, or it would make use of moss, crinkle paper and plastic leaves, like my forest set. Knowing me, it would probably be the latter, as that is easier and more my style.

Clothing would ideally be a brown, lightweight, crinkly cotton, preferably ombre, like broomstick skirt material.

Bright green eyes [I like Flower's green/green ones], faceup in green and brown, eyebrows and miscellaneous shading brown, lips and eyelashes green.


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