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I just scored Yamarrah a Domuya Flexi Perennial body off the DOA marketplace for $145.00 shipped, which is less than I paid for her head. O_O Known for their high level of articulation and concomitant difficulty in posing, the Domuya Flexi bodies have a distinctly segmented, mechanical look to their sculpt [in contrast to the Shinydoll Thaasa bodies, which represent a beautiful marriage of engineering, aesthetics and poseability -- yes, it's a menage a trois!].

Ever since I restrung August last summer, I have grown increasingly confident about customizing my BJDs more intensively. I've improved my subtractive mods, such as sanding Novella's head, removing Béatrice's pointy ears, modding Isabel and Carter's necks, etc. I've even ventured into additive mods with an Aves Apoxie Sculpt headback for the dead version of Isabel. I've developed my own fur wig pattern and gained enough skill with faux fur so that I am ready to branch out into the wool that I got from Georgia Landau. In conclusion, I'm ready to take on a challenge like Yamarrah's new body.

The Domuya Flexi will need significant wiring in order to hold poses, I think. I may also need to fuse the hip balls to the thighs and perhaps one of the torso joints to the other to prevent parts spinning around. Furthermore, since the resin of the body, which has pink undertones, will not match Yamarrah's head, which has brown undertones, I will be painting [or scribbling] stylized flames on her upper breast and neck, as well as her wrists and forearms. Yippee!!
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