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My forest set has been months in the making.
Back in November, 2012, I planned to get appropriate backdrops, including a sky, a deciduous forest in spring/summer and a deciduous forest in fall.
At that time, I also decided that I needed some 3D foreground trees, to be played by actual sticks.
Not until March, 2013, though, did I get around to beginning its construction. At this time, the forest was an extremely simple deciduous backdrop with a ground made of moss glued to foamcore. Trees were sticks with stands made out of nails.
I soon added another color of moss and brown crinkle paper to the humus on the ground. My first underbrush made of plastic greenery also appeared.

Next I made Aves Apoxie Sculpt bases, covered with moss and crinkle paper, for my trees. I added a few stands of slender trunks to the thicker ones.

The forest still looked sparse, so I added some sprays of plastic leaves to pass as young trees.

I tried putting down loose green crinkle paper for additional ground cover, but it was the wrong shade.

However, I eventually discovered the right shade of green.
Then I added stands of plastic ferns.

I am probably not finished with this set. I'd like to have the option of a stump or log, a conifer or two and maybe a rock.

EDIT: The pictures were not hiding behind the cut, so I removed them. >:(
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