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 When manufacturers make articulated female dolls, they will often simplify the hip joints so that the hips can swing forward and backward and rotate within the socket, but they have very little lateral movement in the socket, usually impeded by a wide crotch. For example, the standard articulated Barbie body, shown here by Prunella before I Dremelled her, automatically makes the doll's thighs spread apart when she sits:

I find this incredibly annoying because sitting with thighs apart and ankles together is not a standard human posture. We are much more likely to sit with thighs side by side and ankles side by side, or thighs side by side and ankles crossed, or thighs spread and calves spread, or thighs close and calves spread. I just don't see people sit with thighs apart and ankles together very often, and I want my dolls to pose in a realistic manner, dammit! Hence the Dremelling.

Everyone else I know, however, freaks out about the open hips/closed ankles posture for a slightly different reason: it's "unladylike." Really. Here's just a single example, in which a fashion doll enthusiast gripes about Tonner Tiny Kitty's limited hip articulation. I've also seen dudes on Men With Dolls and people on DOA piss and moan about the same problem with the same cry of "unladylike."

I find it fascinating that doll enthusiasts so consistently gender this failure of articulation. To them, it's not a lack of poseability, so much as it is a lack of femininity. The dolls are failing to perform their prescribed gender roles adequately and thereby affronting their audience. I have no insightful conclusions here. It's just interesting.

Date: Jul. 9th, 2013 09:38 pm (UTC)
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I often wish Seamus was more articulate, especially in his shoulders, but that's because I use him as a model. ;)

That ... is really peculiar, and frustrating. Everything always has to be about how women ain't nevar good enuff har har. :P


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