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I finally, finally, finally hit that point in Me and My Muses where Mackenzie shows up!

I don't have a doll of her yet, and I'm still considering how to do two aspects of her physical appearance that I've never done before on dolls. She has a receding hairline. I actually accidentally made a receding hairline for Mellifer in one of his early wigs because it wasn't deep enough, so I think I can duplicate that.

She also has either a beard shadow [difference in facial pigmentation following areas of facial hair growth] or a five o'clock shadow [actual stubble], depending on how recently she has shaved. I'm probably going to go with a five o'clock shadow because it will be easy to create with watercolor pencil dots, as opposed to beard shadow, which is more subtle and requires too much effort to reproduce. :p

I've gotta check my drawer of available bodies to see what her choices are. I suppose that, if all else fails, she can always borrow Flower's [WS] or Mellifer's [NS] body. That may be the best course of action...depending, of course, on the selected head.


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