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Scored a bunch of cheap nudes from the Doll Page today. Lot 1, for $25.50, features several dolls for experimentation. The tan Liv will donate hands to Prunella. I'm going to try acetone head shrinking on P. Bo. And the adorable Jazzie will be rebodied and rehaired, possibly repainted too. Pictures by seller aubreysilver on the Doll Page.

Lot 2, for $39.00, features 5 [!] Mattel Life in the Dream House dolls, including the aforementioned "Shopping While Constipated" Raquelle. In fact, I sprang for the lot primarily because I wanted that Raquelle and didn't feel like paying ~$25.00 for her MIB. I would much rather pay ~$40.00 for a bunch of naked articulated Barbies that I know I will use parts from in the future.

I'm excited for the Dream House dolls. It's hard to tell from the shitty picture [by seller snuzzbutton on the Doll Page], but they all have rooted eyelashes, which, along with their high level of articulation, puts them up a step or two from the average playlines. Raquelle and friends may need some head shrinking, although I do have a range of head sizes in my small populations, so they may be acceptable, just at the large end.

Date: Jul. 18th, 2013 05:26 am (UTC)
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Oh man.. Jazzie. I rather liked her head. I hated her weird body tho. She had a red headed friend who had the most awkward face sculpt ever, Chelsie. I had to look her up to remember what she looked like:


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