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In reference to my running list of all the 1:6 scale BJDs, this is who I've got:
  • Alchemic Lab Unoa Light Azurite
  • Batchix Nan Sook
  • Elfdoll Kathlen [head only], Doona Ryung [head only]
  • Lumedoll Lumelight Arine x2 [+ 1 head only], Blaze [head only], Elin, Lucas, elf Koit [head only]
  • Soom Mini Gem Garam, Uyoo, Romantic Uyoo; Faery Legend Aenigma [+ 1 head only], Auber, Kremer, Metato.
  • Souldoll Soul Little Metel
  • Tinybear Bonbon
I would love to acquire the following:
  • Dollmore Kidult Melissa Hon
  • Elfdoll Devil
  • Limhwa/Eosdoll Mari/Sara
  • Notdoll Symposion of any sculpt
  • Soom Mini Gem Garam and/or Sosle
Melissa Hon is because she looks like the protagonist of Intellectum. The Devil is because she was the sculpt of Submit 1.0. Mari/Sara is because I would like to rescue that sculpt from its associations with the odious Kristin. The Notdolls are just because I want one and regret getting rid of my tanned Lucy. Garam and/or Sosle are is because they replicate the big-eyed charms of my favorite Mini Gem Uyoo. EDIT: Now that I've got Garam and Romantic Uyoo, the other two discontinued Mini Gems, I kind of want Sosle just to have a complete set.


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