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Jul. 24th, 2013 09:44 am
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Just came across a picture of Timonium on the BJD Showcase Tumblr, a collection of messily done BJDs. That makes...hmmm, let's see...how many BJDs of mine that have been mocked on various boards and blogs?
  • Jareth 1.0 for looking deformed
  • Frank for being a defacement of a Volks LE
  • Sardonix 2.0 for having a schematic, indestructible faceup made of undiluted acrylic paint
  • Timonium for being messy
In a special subcategory is Araminthe. When B&G Dolls put out their LE Burrysa with neutral and snarling heads, a thread started on Den of Demons mocking the crabby expression on her snarling head. I didn't even know this doll existed until I saw the DoD thread, which inspired me to purchase Araminthe. No one has specifically mocked Araminthe, but her sculpt has been made fun of.

I'm quite sure that someone out there is heaving their guts out over photos of Jareth 2.0, but I haven't found proof of that yet.

Man! Just wait till I puke all over my color-mismatching hybrid between a super-expensive LE Iplehouse head and a mechanically recalcitrant, cheapo body! [That's Yamarrah, folks.] Maybe I can make the BJD Showcase again!

Actually, you know what annoys me the most about Timonium's appearance on that Tumblr? My photo was used without attribution. I told the blogger to either put a source link or take down the photo. Otherwise, how are Showcase readers gonna know where to fling their poo, huh?!?!?!?!?


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