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Last night I took off Perdita's scalp, erased her eyebrows and lips and increased the size of her breasts. I wasn't planning on adding to her chest size, but I mixed up way too much Aves Apoxie Sculpt for another project, so I decided to slap some on Perdita.

At left, a Disney Pocahontas head on an articulated Barbie body illustrates the splayed thighs that so many doll enthusiasts find "unladylike." At right, Perdita shows her current condition.

Note to self: make Pocahontas less wall-eyed. She's veering into prey-animal territory!

I filled Perdita's head with a roll of faux fur.

Her faux fur wig has a black base with purple and blue spikes, which I trimmed to be even with the black base. In a stupendous achievement, I even successfully gave her bangs! I gave her new eyebrows and heavier eyelids with black paint and shaded her eye sockets with brown watercolor.

I also hacked off her tiptoe feet [not shown] and replaced them with flat feet from a doll I was going to trash anyway, but the soft plastic feet are not very stable, so I need to reinforce them with some Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

Perdita does not have any lip paint because she's going to be wearing a surgeon's mask or an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose. As a PWS suffering oral decay, she is hiding her mouth from gawkers.



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