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Tonight I set Pearlene's arms back in their sockets and secured the other half of the sockets to them.

From the front:

From the rear. I glued the sockets in place with hot glue, then reinforced them with Aves Apoxie Sculpt.

Next step is to hot-glue a framework of wooden coffee stirrers across the open top of her torso as support for her neck and shoulders. After that I can glue her back piece on and then finally, finally, finally, sculpt her neck and shoulders, then finish off her head.

Before I do all that, though, I'd like to see what Pearlene might look all assembled. I found her a pair of miraculously stretchy leggings, trimmed short to fit her legs, and a top from an MGA Moxie Teen. I then stuck her head to a coffee stirrer jammed down her torso to get an idea of her complete look. I like her classy style!


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