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I got a shipment from LuxuryFauxFur, my preferred source, on Etsy today. First up were two large sheets of 3" magenta and bluish purple. They're huge!

The purple is for Pearlene, while the magenta is for Isabel and for the satisfaction of the general dearth of REALLY BRIGHT PINK faux fur in my stockpile.

I also got swatches of "poodle shag fur" in white, cream, off-white, yellowish tan, plum, brown, magenta and black. It's like shag fur, but with small, tight curls. I really like its texture and loft, a refreshing variation on the almost universally straight non-poodle shag. I will redo Doctor Z's current straight grey hair with some of the grey poodle shag because I've always wanted her to have kinky hair.

Clearly I need a better system for organizing my faux fur supplies. I currently jam all the swatches and completed wigs in one of my purple plastic drawers, but they are rapidly outgrowing that space. My larger sheets of fur [currently grey, purple base with orange and yellow spikes, purple/red/black zigzag, magenta and purple, with yellow base and red and orange spikes incoming] are just shoved into a plastic bag, which they have outgrown as of today.

I really enjoy working with faux fur. I like that it comes in all colors, from colors that would occur in hair naturally, to colors achieved only with the use of dyes. I like that it is lightweight and made of fiber, so it can be easily styled like real hair. I like that it responds equally well to hot glue or to needle and thread. I like that I can produce really cool results very quickly. In contrast to doll hair, which I find heavy, plasticky, tedious and frustrating to work with, not to mention unrealistic in weight, faux fur wins out for me every time.


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