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Sylvia Blomqvist, Zombieville denizen, PWS and one of the people in charge of the Lakeside Community Co-op. New Agey syncretist par excellence and embodiment of the worst of cultural appropriation. 
  • Pissed off Prunella, who was out from the shop, lobbying in Montpelier for state recognition of the Abenaki tribe, by saying, "Indians are so spiritual!"
  • Pissed off Peter, who was interested in dating her, until she started treating him like a "gay best friend accessory. And I'm not even gay!"
  • Has a tattoo that she says is "Chinese for 'life force,'" but Barrett says it's gibberish.
I think I'm going to embody her in the Pocahontas doll that I got from Andrea, shown at left in the photo below. That doll needs some serious rehab.


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