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The latest to join the Addiction line of dolls by Iplehouse [whence Yamarrah] is Victor. Like Doria [Yamarrah], he comes with an open-mouthed vampire head revealing teeth and tongue. Victor's expression looks more like B&G Dolls' Burrysa snarling [Araminthe] than Doria's, though.

For comparison, here's Yamarrah, who has a Doria Addiction fantasy head.

Here's Araminthe, who is a B&G Dolls Burrysa snarling.

And here's Victor:

As you can see, Yamarrah looks totally chill compared to Araminthe and Victor, who share irritable expressions. The sculpting styles of B&G versus Iplehouse also show up here. Overall, Araminthe has smaller, more delicate features. With her big eyes and small mouth, she is quintessentially BJD-like in proportions and thus rather cute. In contrast, Victor is much more massive and solid [not just because he's the largest size of male doll that they produce]. His face is more detailed, with deeper lines and stronger, blockier features. His facial proportions are more realistic.

Victor is pretty dang cool for several reasons. First of all, he has an open-mouthed sculpt that actually works. I think his teeth should be sanded sharper and painted with more subtlety than they appear in the official photos, but, even without these cosmetic changes, it's apparent that Victor's teeth and tongue fit in with the rest of his sculpt [unlike those of some other Addiction dolls]. Second, the blue grey resin works well for a chilly, inhuman, vampiric character. Third, the pointy horns, scaly demon arms, spiked wings and armor-like outfit all collaborate to suggest some armored reptile. As fantastically creative as I find Souldoll's therianthropic cyborg dragon warriors, they look like overkill next to Victor.

I would really, really, really like to get Victor's fantasy head and stick a ball gag in his mouth, but I have way too many other doll projects.

Me: [eyes other open-mouthed dolls speculatively]

Yamarrah: "Don't look at me! I need to use this tongue for creemee consumption!"

Araminthe: "No."

Janvier Jett: "Hisssssss!"

Jareth: "Me! Me!"

Me: "Your mouth isn't open."

Jareth: "So mod the second copy of my head you got."

Me: "Hmmm..."


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