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 In no particular order:
  1. Photo census of all my dolls
  2. Photo inventory of all sets and medium-size things
  3. Photo inventory of raw dolls
  4. Finish Peter's walker: reinforce where front rails join to sides?; add padding; add bag off the front; add decoration
  5. Smores for Gloravnia [polymer clay]
  6. Creemees for Yamarrah [polymer clay -- need icing nozzle of appropriate size]
  7. Yamarrah's faceup
  8. start M3 epilogue
  9. Pay off Gloravnia
  10. Rehab Delphine: restring, wire, clothes, ear mods, delete old faceup, make new faceup, hair
  11. Weight down gravestones
  12. Finish Sylvia
  13. New wig for Jujube
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