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Dracula, the latest TV series to do something with the premier modern vampire story, has Dracula teaming up with Van Helsing to avenge himself on the Order Dracul, who killed both their families. Fortunately for Dracula, he has a loyal human confederate in Renfield; furthermore, his wife has reincarnated in med student Mina Murray, who is a student of the aforesaid Van Helsing. Jonathan Harker, a journalist, lusts after Mina from afar, and Lucy Westenra, her friend, is apparently [I'm unclear on this point] a secret kicker of vampire ass. Presenting as a U.S. industrialist with promises of cheap geothermal power, Dracula aims to upset the Order Dracul's oil-based wealth. Plot plot plot.

Like Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Dracula takes some names and elements from a literary classic and then goes off in such a completely different direction that it really shouldn't have the same name as the original. That being said, I remain curious to see where this will go. Though I originally dismissed it as static costume drama, it does look lively enough to keep my interest for at least a few more eps. At least the acting proves more uniformly talented than that in Wonderland. Plus there is Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who is nice to look at as Dracula, except for the unfortunate pencil mustache.
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