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Looking at my raw dolls bin, I see several projects that I have yet to get around to:
  • I need to mod the sleeping Doona Ryung faceplate into a face for Isabel that represents her with no makeup and two eyes -- that is, for the episodes before she loses her eye. This would also be good for flashbacks.
  • Shopping While Constipated Raquelle just begs for use somewhere in Zombieville, but not sure where. Part of me wants to repaint her, and part of me just loves her as she is. 
  • That male Liv body reminds me that I originally planned to make a FAT DOLL!!!!!! with it + one of my Jazzie heads.
  • Poor Metel. I got her about a year ago and have yet to do anything with her. She needs restringing and wiring at the very least, as well as removal of existing faceup. I really dislike her headsculpt; she has such a glum expression. Maybe I'll give her body to Gloravnia.
  • The second Aenigma head reminds me that, one of these days, I'd like to try closing the eyes partway so that Ginevra looks dreamier...or more sarcastic.
  • The Sideshow The Dead Punk head [Peter 1.0] demands recycling as a male PWS. Maybe an unofficial leader of Toxic Waste?


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