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Lumberjack, who was invented as a Zombieville denizen so I could use my Sideshow The Dead Punk head, does not want to be my Sideshow Punk. He wants to be the Nazi zombie that I saw about 10 months ago. By that, I mean that the Nazi zombie is a much better headsculpt for Lumberjack's intimidating, commanding, serious presence than that of the perpetually worried Sideshow Punk.

Poor Sideshow Punk. He's just not looking salvageable these days. 

Now that Lumberjack has determined himself as a DAM Toys Nazi zombie officer, I have to procure the head or nude doll only without any of that other crap.

Stuff to buy for Zombieville
  • black faux fur
  • brown faux fur
  • ForTwo for Chaz' wheelchair
  • Lumberjack's head [+ body?]
  • plaid shirt, jeans, winter vest for Lumberjack
  • neodymium magnets


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