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I'm still entertaining the idea of a 1:2 scale BJD in the form of Dollmore Trinity Elysia, previously mentioned in July. She appears occasionally on the secondary market, which is good, as I can't patronize Dollmore's primary market for moral reasons. Recently one just popped up on the DOA marketplace for ~$2.2K excluding s/h, which I find a damn sight more affordable than ~$3K. Janna says we don't have the space for a BJD that big, but I'd make the space.

I wish that Elysia wasn't solely available as various LE fullsets. Very few of my BJDs end up looking exactly as they came from the manufacturer, Araminthe, Janvier Jett and Submit being the notable exceptions in my current population. I derive most of my enjoyment from customizing the heck out of my BJDs and personalizing them as much as possible. In practice, this means that they end up with bright, scribbly faceups, wild faux fur hair and meretriciously mismatching outfits. Therefore, if I bought Elysia, I would, of course, remove the faceup, change the eyes and set aside wig and outfit, thus leaving me with hundreds of dollars of nontransferable doll stuff that I have no use for.

I'd love to get an Elysia kit -- unstrung, unpainted. Blah blah blah!!
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