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  • Paint base of Lumberjack's neck.
  • Give him dreads.
  • Find him a Red Sox cap.
  • Give him gloves OR paint hands to match head.
  • Make him cigarette[s].
  • Make him WILL WORK FOR BRAINS sign.
  • Weather his pants.
  • Weather jacket.
  • Weather hat.
  • Prime Metel head for new Sheila head.
  • Give Sheila 2.0 faceup.
  • Make Sheila 2.0 wig.
  • Style Sheila 2.0 wig.
  • Get 1mm elastic.
  • String Metel body.
  • Wire Metel body.
  • Mod Gloravnia's head for Metel neck.
  • Prime Gloravnia's head.
  • Remove Absinthe's faceup.
  • Prime Polly's head.
  • Paint pine tree bases.
  • Sort stuff on desk.
  • Sort stuff on floor.
  • Pick needles to use as tools.
  • Cut needles.
  • Make handles.
  • Assemble tools.
  • Do I need other tools?
  • Ask for them.
  • Mount Chaz' chair on wheelchair base.
  • Put magnets on window frame.
  • Drill Kelly body.
  • Wire Kelly body.
  • Adapt shirt.
  • Adapt pants.
  • Remove hair.
  • Remove faceup.
  • Add hair.
  • Do new faceup.
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