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Irritated by the bias against "masculine" features that I detected in some DOAers' comments on Dollmore Trinity Klaire, I have looked more closely at the remarks. A sampling are shown below:

Kitty Blue: "Not certain how I feel about her...she has some striking features but her face seems rather large compared to the others, love the make up, but the LE outfit is the same as Elysia."

Teddy: "Nice, but there's something about her eyes that doesn't appeal to me - I much prefer Elysia and Lumie."

Shawnee: "Funny, I love her eyes. It's her mouth I really don't like. It just seems too big for her face. Like kitty blue said, everything combined, her face looks too...large? for her head/body."

Stella Maris: "She looks very masculine, nope, not for me. ... Beat hard with the man stick I'd say."

nancy_schroeder_ca: "I'm not sure about the new Klaire, but I don't have room for another Trinity anyway! Maybe the next version will be better. She might look better with a different wig and faceup."

Stormlight: "Oh, the new girl is gorgeous! I think she looks a lot older than the other three. Like someone in her 20s rather than her teens."

bronzephoenix: "Oh dear, she looks so masculine to me!"

thothep: "I like all of Jude except her mouth feels too small, and now I like all of Klaire except her mouth is a little large..."

polyhymnia: "I think Klaire's face is pretty cool."

Jisatsu: "I was thinking Klaire looked so much like the first run of Narin 60."

monkeycancer: "RE the new Klaire doll, my first thought was 'guy in very convincing drag,' so I'm glad other people are thinking 'masculine.'"

jemmilly: "I like Klaire, but not Dollmore's face-up."

Despite gender policing from Stella Maris, bronze phoenix and monkeycancer, remarks seem overall more positive than I initially thought. I find it interesting that, even in a hobby where the dominant aesthetic for Asian BJDs is one of androgyny in facial features, people have limits to how much androgyny they can handle. I also find it interesting that DOAers are referring to "large," "masculine" and/or "strong" features as if they're bad things. I myself actually prefer facial features with those traits, but then again I am known for my affinity for stylized, almost caricatured headsculpts.

Date: Jan. 4th, 2014 03:39 am (UTC)
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Interesting too how hair-trigger their masculinity radar is. XD I think I probably have twice as manly a face as both those dolls put together and even so I think a majority of people shown a photo of only my face would likely have no hesitation in identifying me as a woman.


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