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 This digital dress and prop combo for V4, Amusement, just gave me the best idea for a doll. I would love to make a 1:6 scale 'bash of a mannequin with a merry-go-round for her skirt. I could use a Harumika mannequin head [or any head really, spray painted white] and a Spin Master Liv Doll mannequin for the body. She could have Harlequin make-up and a tail coat and top hat like a ringmaster, with a huge balloon skirt in alternating panels of, say, red and gold to connote a circus. The only challenge is to find a miniature merry-go-round  that actually goes 'round. Bonus if it plays music...

Maybe Isabel needs a merry-go-round mecha mannequin in her house?

EDIT: Well, apparently, merry-go-round music box ornaments are a thing...and they're the perfect size!


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