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 In order of priority, according to when they appear in the story, they are:

1. Cemetery
  • weather angel
  • weather stones

2. Muggins
  • string
  • wire
  • faceup

3. Doctor Z
  • remove hair
  • remove paint
  • resculpt
  • repaint
  • style hair
  • body
Muggins ain't here for another 1.5 months, so that leaves me with the cemetery and Doctor Z. Weathering the plastic gravestones requires warm weather in which to coat them with primer, so that's out. My angel, though, is made of resin, meaning that she would probably respond very well to acrylic paint and chalk pastel without primer. [Anything to get rid of her current jaundiced hue.] I can therefore get started on her. And poor Doctor Z just needs a complete revamp...


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