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 The book wyrm's original appearance was that of Daz3D's Eastern Dragon, which was offered for free a few years ago. I used this figure out of my available draconic options because its long, snaky form evoked the wyrminess I wanted in my book wyrm -- plus I found it more aesthetically pleasing than the others. That said, I recognize that it would be cultural appropriation to insert a Chinese dragon in a story where it would have no context, so the book wyrm will no longer be a Chinese dragon. 

Instead, there are many options for more European dragons in wired and felted versions on Etsy. This stuffed felt dragon, made by TheUselessCupboard, for example, is adorably pissy. I like the long serpentine body and the slim clawed legs, though I would ask for a wire armature, delete the wings and make the eyes half-closed.
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