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I just got the idea that it would be very entertaining to dress up [digital] Jareth as Jareth the Goblin King, his inspiration. I think I can cobble the outfit from stuff I already have:
  • Shirt base from ??? -- possibilities include Adzan's Ode for Hiro 3, Adzan's Litho Le Fae Esquire for Hiro 3, Adzan's Still Life/Still Morning for H3
  • Shirt sleeves from Wilmap's Blouson Top for Genesis
  • Shirt cuffs from Adzan's Ode for Hiro 3 
  • Vest from Adzan's Painted Osculus
  • Pants from Sickleyield's Free Leggings for Genesis or just applying a cloth texture and Spandex morphs to legs
  • Boots from Wilmap's Knee-High Heeled Boots for Genesis
Kinda baffled by the hair, though...I haven't found a single style with a suitably spiky top and long straight sides, but maybe I can approximate something from SWAM/Goldtassel's Elfdance Hair Anime [for the top] and Mark003's freebie Punk GaGa hair [for the sides]. If all else fails, Valea's Cherry Hair has the correct silhouette and layering -- just needs more volume. I'd rather not spend money, but "But it's Jareth!" is a sure justification to prompt me to turn out my pockets. :p


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