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I decided to bring Timonium and either Yamarrah or Araminthe to Dollism. First, they represent my major scales, 1:6 scale and 1:3 scale respectively. Second, they have no small movable parts to lose. Timonium's wig fits snugly; his skirt's rubber-banded around his waist with clear elastics, his choker is hot glued down, and he doesn't have detachable ears [like Flower's] to come loose.

I'm not sure about whether to bring Yamarrah or Araminthe. Yamarrah's earrings, wig and glasses are all secured to her head with hot glue, so her hair won't escape [the way that Araminthe's occasionally does]. However, I really need to extend the orange of her hands up her wrists if I'm going to bring her, as her color mismatches really piss me off. Araminthe has a sturdier, less fiddly body than Yamarrah, but she doesn't represent my fabulous [har!] skills in faceups and wigmaking the way that Yamarrah does. Araminthe's faceup is completely default, and I haven't yet worked up the courage to wipe and redo it.


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