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Thalia['s head] came yesterday! She matches well with Janvier Jett's Angelsdoll massive girl body in Volks NS resin, so that's good. The proportions look good too. And, after all that excitement about the novelty of a doll with two tongues, I actually like her with no tongue and an open mouth best. [I may be saying this in part because it's really hard to get her licking tongue out of her mouth once it magnetizes in.]

I'm thinking about how I want to do her faceup. I've been really interested in duochrome faceups for quite a while now, mostly generated for Jareth with Instant Makeup and Geisha Builder. My attraction to duochrome probably stems from the fact that two colors and gradations thereof are easier to work with than a whole varied palette. So I'm thinking something duochrome for Thalia.

Actually, I'm thinking about grey, multiple soft shades of grey, not as stark as Timonium's black-and-white job, but something with less definite outlines, shadows suggesting haggardness and depth. In fact, I'm thinking a subtle skullface faceup in gradations of grey, kind of like Jareth did for Halloween. And since there's no way I could affordably duplicate these lovely bracelet restraint things in 1:3 scale, I'll try painting some stylized phalanges on the back of an extra set of hands.

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