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I just sprang for a Takara Microsister Fyana [previously lusted over] for a cool $65.00 including s/h. Given that this mini-minifig goes for $100.00 including s/h on Ebay, I consider mine an awesome score. To add to the satisfaction, after I purchased her online at that price, she appeared as sold out at the vendor, which means I got the last one.

Anyway, I have exciting plans for this doll. I have decided that Isabel does photostories of dolls too and that hers center on the comedic relationship between Beth, played by the Microsister, and Death, played by one of my Rement Pose Skeletons. Yes, her series is called Beth & Death. Yes, it's going to be a blast, an enjoyable change from the rather dramatic Zombieville main plot.

Incidentally, I heard from my supplier of the Pose Skeletons that Rement is coming out with a second accessory pack for them. I particularly like the bicycle set [comes with bicycle pump, but no helmet], the office set [laptop, smart phone, tie, office chair] and the kitchen [counter, burner, fish, knife, cutting board]. I'm seriously contemplating getting the bike...

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