Dec. 15th, 2012

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I haven't taken a census of my small-scale populations in years. The last one I completed was at the end of August, 2010, which is eons in doll time. Since then, I've moved house and kept over half of my peoples in storage, much to my dismay, so I haven't been able to survey everyone.

Tomorrow, though, I'm rescuing everyone from storage at my parents' house and moving them to my office, just so I can get to them easily without taking a 25-minute drive one way to see them. In preparation for the reunion of doll subgroups, I started an inventory tonight of those peoples who are out and about.Here they are!!! )

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blended turf earth blend shaker $10.99
coarse turf light green bag $3.99
coarse turf medium green bag $3.99
underbrush forest blend bag $5.49
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...I want to make other mobility aids: a walker and a quad cane! [I think I need a "mobility aids 1:6" tag.]


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