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Kristin, a Limhwa Sara in tan resin, is the most annoying character in Me and My Muses. I find her self-centered, needy, manipulative behavior infuriating. I've long been looking forward to getting rid of her when Me and My Muses is finished.

Recently, however, I've been looking at the tan Limwha Sara in a new light. In the past, I have always attached specific characters to specific dolls. While characters could move from one plastic form to another, I've always been unable to recycle previously used dolls as entirely new characters. I detest Kristin so much, though, that the prospect of recycling her doll form tantalizes me as a challenge.

Now that I think about it, I would find it very enjoyable and satisfying to transmute a doll that pisses me off so much into one that I like. This also gives me an excuse to do away with Kristin's shimmery default faceup [complete with little eyelashes, which I don't like on 1:6 scale BJDs], her wig, her eyes and her outfit. I should also suede her neck too; she keeps defaulting to looking down. [Maybe she knows how much I dislike her. :p]

Rehabilitation does not work with all dolls. I didn't even try recycling the doll of Thomas, Anneka's abusive ex. He was evil. There was no place for him to go but away.


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