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Some things are pretty easy to find in 1:6 scale: upholstered furniture, beds, tables, desks, etc. Other items are either more challenging or nonexistent. I have a "covet list" of those things that I either have never found ever or have been too cheap to invest in:

An electric wheelchair. These do not exist in 1:6 scale, so I'd have to make my own. I'm already plotting the use of an office chair as a base.

A fireplace. Playscale ones exist, but they are undersized. Truly 1:6 scale fireplaces are expensive fuckers.

A toilet. Playscale toilets that are pink and/or undersized can be procured, but appropriately large toilets in typical toilet colors are very very very rare.

A folding screen. Expensive fuckers.

A front door. Photo albums that look like front doors can be had with some digging, and playscale dollhouse exterior doors do exist. They are, of course, expensive fuckers.

An armoire. A jewelry box could easily double as one, but they're [say it with me] expensive fuckers.

Date: Nov. 11th, 2012 08:59 pm (UTC)
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How hard are little hinges to come by? Because as long as you could get those to connect the pieces, I'm thinking a decorative folding screen might be relatively easy to DIY to desired scale using little wood strips cut to size and painted, sturdy paper decorated all pretty-like, and some hot glue. Unless of course you're after a specific look that wouldn't work for. In which case, never mind, I will shut up. XD


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