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I broke open my new-to-me Jonathan Adler Barbie sofa this morning. Flower saw its default state and promptly keeled over.

Iz ded.

I removed the default bolsters, blanket and throw pillows. Then I cut up my tombstone shirt and made some better throw pillows. I started off sewing by hand, but grew tired after the first one with the amount of time it was taking. I constructed the rest of the pillows by folding the fabric around the stuffing as if the fabric were a tortilla and the stuffing burrito filling. Then I used hot glue to seal the edges. The results look handmade by a crafter of dubious skill, which is appropriate for whoever owns this sofa, since you obviously can't get this type of throw pillows in stores.

Iz no longer ded!

I never knew Flower [who is not the owner of this couch, by the way, but merely an obliging model] was such a smart ass.

Date: Dec. 3rd, 2012 01:38 pm (UTC)
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Those pillows are adorable! And they offset the couch nicely.


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