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I am taking advantage of a true vacation to work on a list of doll projects that has expanded alarmingly in the past months. So far I have:
  • Derooted Cutey Honey's brittle, shedding default hair. When she went to the last VTDL meetup, I noticed that sad state of her hair and vowed to replace them. I don't have the appropriate replacement hair, so she's mostly bald at the moment. At least she's not shedding anymore, though.
  • Put Thalia on the body formerly belonging to Janvier Jett, painted her hands and gave her a temporary outfit.
  • Found a large, fabric-covered storage container at Goodwill and set it up on its side, thus converted it into a passable seat to accommodate long-limbed dolls like Jareth.
  • Improved Yamarrah
Yamarrah's hair was not sticking up enough, so I tacked down more of the long pieces.

I also removed the peach paint from the bases of her hands. It was originally there to provide a smoother transition between the translucent orange resin and an opaque "normal skin" resin. I like the pale yellowish orange better.

I also painted her forearms. They used to be a pale sort of pink with yellow undertones, matching the paint on the bases of her hands. I painted them pale orange to continue the color from her hands.

Now my perky happy floppy fire elemental vampire looks pretty much the way she's supposed to look! She just needs an appropriately scaled creemee or eight... :d
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