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I finally got around to scanning some of the Dollism Plus 2014 ephemera that's been sitting on my floor for about six months.... In no particular order, here are the results from my crappy scanner.

Spiritdoll pamphlet front, interior and back. Probably the Alice sculpt on the cover, definitely the Dolce sculpt inside.

Peak's Woods postcard.

Val Zeitler's postcard. Definitely a Dollstown doll.

Freedom Teller's postcard.

Ruby Red Galleria's business card. I love their detailed art.

Cards of fellow doll lovers that I met during the con.

Convention badge. What does it say? I dunno.

Selected pages from the convention guidebook. Cover.

As I said, I really like Ruby Red Galleria's art, and this centerfold in the guide provided an adorable example.

Scanned because I like the Doll Chateau style.

Scanned for some info about DOA's role in the conference and because I think the DOA illustration is cute.

Scanned because I like Mint on Card.

Scanned because LoongSoul's ad provides some photos of Gong Gong [top of page], the much-coveted raffle prize at the con.
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