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Here, by talented artist ira_scargeear, an amazing person who sculpted her own Sephiroth BJD from scratch and really made him look like the character. Okay, but here she's talking about making bonsai trees for dolls with wire, toilet paper, natural sponge and paint. Do I need more foliage in my life? Hmmmmm... 
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Decent glasses in 1:6 scale and 1:3 scale! NOT sunglasses, NOT glasses with narrow bridges and ridiculously wide lenses, NOT uselessly thick frames, just glasses!

The Kotobukiya metals ones are quite durable, but often too narrow, with bows that are too short. I have some that Forever Virginia printed on transparency paper a few years ago, but I'm running out!

I have half a mind to design my own 1:6 scale glasses and then print them out on transparency paper. My dolls need to see!! 
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By Rement, of course. I've been lusting after the Jumbo Food set for years, primarily because it is hilarious, but I've never found any place that sold it.

...Until now. etradersplace has it in stock! I'm most interested in the exploding bacon cheeseburger, the listing stack of pancakes and the huge swirls of soft-serve ice cream.

*covet covet covet*

Mini food porn below. )


Dec. 19th, 2012 02:01 pm
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1:6 scale fish bowls with feesh! Apparently none of the 1:6 scale people have read that their feesh need to have much more water than that, though. :/

EDIT: Make your own feesh in a bowl.

EDIT 2: Or just dispense with the resin and 3-D feesh, and just use a print backdrop with printed feesh, as well as some gravel and plants for the ground, but nothing for the water.

EDIT 3: To make it even easier, find a clear container, add gravel and plants and some kitschy miniatures to the bottom of the tank. Then put the top on, and you're done. Where are the feesh? They're hiding in the fake treasure chest and shipwreck. :p

Heck, this empty container ploy could also work for other animals that are good at hiding, like turtles, tarantulas, small lizards and small snakes.

"Is there supposed to be a spider in there?"

"If there isn't, we have a serious problem!"

Okay, now someone's got to have a pet disabled tarantula...

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  • Fireplace.
  • Folding screen [shojo screen?].
  • Sturdily made bed. I'm currently using a cardboard box. It sags, which means that people can't sit up straight on it. :(
  • Refrigerator. At least 9-10" high, no mini fridges.
  • Dolls for my dolls. Vending machine toys, 1-2" high, are perfect -- Homies, for example. Nothing bigger than 2.5".
  • Books. Dummy ones, with paper covers glued around page blocks, are great, as are books molded shut. No blocks of same-size volumes, though. Individual dummy books are so tedious to make, and the ones I have been using for the past few years are wearing out.
  • Potted plants. I have enough Flower Soft for the leaves and flowers; I just need some stems and pots. Yet another project...
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I wrote about these a few years back, lost the link, then found them again. I neeeeeeeeeed them. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.

While I'm jerking off at Strapya World, I'll also take a slice of watermelon, an orange, a peach and probably some other cool stuff that I haven't found yet.

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Carrie Becker did a series of 1:6 dioramas entitled "Barbie Trashes Her Dream House," in which 1:6 scenes were made to look as if taken over by messy hoarders. While some miniatures she used were Rement, others she made by hand. Check out the whole detailed set on Flickr!
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lilac shoes x 1 pair @ $1.79
black heeled shoes x 1 pair @ $.99
green binder x 6 @ $.39
Japanese French book X 1 @ $1.49

If only I could find the ADD TO CART button!
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The title says it all. The little thing costs $28.00, excluding shipping. Why is size inversely proportionate to price???!!!
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At some point recently, Rement came out with extra-super-miniature shops, called Tiny Houses, with furnishings, goods, clerks and customers. One shop is a "donut" shop; the other is a flower shop.

From what I can tell, they are very small; I think the scale might be 1:48. As usual, the number of movable pieces and the details -- a paper wrapping station at the florist, for example -- really make these sets shine.

I want one for my 1:6 dolls to play with, but I can't decide which one to get! Here are both for sale as a set at
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One of Rement's latest sets has a Hina Matsuri theme, which is to say that it celebrates the Japanese March 3 Girls' Day. During this celebration, elaborate little hina ningyo, or dolls, are displayed representing an Emperor, Empress and court attendants from the Heian Period. Rement's set duplicates the hina ningyo, their platforms, accessories and settings in 1:6 scale. Hooray! I'm always looking for dolls for my dolls.
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Using Ann Laurie's photo studio in a box, I caught some crisp pictures of various dolls yesterday at doll club in Burlington. Read more... )
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Rement is coming out with a Candy Shop in September. Normally I become bored with Rement's endless iterations of cakes, chocolates and other sweets, but these candies seem novel. I especially like the "Animal Pops," lollipops in the shape of animal heads. LHF can make room for animal-headed lollipops, right? Pictures here. )

In other upcoming Rements, there is European Grandma/Grandma's Kitchen, which combines food with old-fashioned utensils. I especially like the scale in set #1 and the sunflowers in set #2.

Rement is also coming out with these awesome pendants, Jumbo Food, that show ridiculously overflowing portions of rice, ice cream, sushi, etc. The exploding bacon cheesburger looks delectable, while the many ice cream cones look just the right size for soft-serve cones. My favorite, however, is the listing tower of pancakes with a cascade of syrup streaming from them. I hope these pendants come Stateside.

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Strapya, home of 1:6 blood bags, also sells other useful 1:6 accessories, such as these wooden toys, including colored wooden building blocks. I could stock an entire toy room with 1:6 toys, dolls, stuffed animals, vehicles, balls, robots, horses, pull toys, child-sized furniture, all sorts of enjoyable things for young kids!
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At the end of June, Rement will be releasing a set of pet animals, each in or around a household item. Animals include turtle in a terra cotta pot, hedgehog in a slipper, budgie in a bowl, puppy in a laundry basket. The preview pictures are nauseating in their cuteness. [Click on the little pictures for bigger versions!] Judging from previous Rement animal sets, the figures will be on the small side, probably more true to 1:8 than 1:6, but those of you with 1:6ers could always make the pets be baby animals. I'm particularly interested in the tortoise for Sibley, the budgie for Kinjou and the hedgehog because it just looks cute.
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Rement, of course, made a set of baby items, including a stroller, formula, sippy cup, bath basin, crib, mobile and many toys for kidsies < 2. Unfortunately, it's out of print and disgustingly expensive. I will, however, provide a picture here since it is, as usual, damn cute. Read more... )

Similar items can be found in more recent [and less expensive!] Rement sets. American Kitchen #4 Baby Goods contains a potty, a bottle and some jars of baby food, as well as a pull toy. American Kitchen #9 Merry Christmas contains a toy bus, a stuffed bear and a bug along with a turkey [?!] and a set of cookie tins. There are also a bowling ball and some pins and a basketball in this set that could be used as well.

It is possible that some of the Candy House sets could work as toy houses.

The Fairy Tale dishes could easily work for a play tea set. Princess Tea Party too! From another fairy-tale set, the Fairy Tale Sweets have ballerinas, a black cat, some Halloween creatures, an elephant and some pirate accoutrements that would work. Japanese Goods Autumn has a jointed teddy bear. Merry Strawberry #8 Strawberry Room has a child-sized table and mat.

In the Storage Beauty set, #3, #7 and #10 [#7 especially] have children's items, such as a child-sized table, a toy cabinet, a puzzle mat, a toy rabbit and some cars, even some small-scale furniture!

The Circus Animals would make a great playset. The Pandas too!
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Despite my earlier exhortations, it has come to my attention that everything is not copacetic.  If it helps, you may think of the following:
  • Rement Pink Market
  • Rement Pets
  • 1:6 fireplace
  • small shojo screens
  • bamboo placemats
  • foamcore in white and black
  • velvet drapery tied back with sequins
  • small netsuke shelves
  • Kwanzaa Barbie
  • Mixis
In any case, continue to hang in there. It is the best way to get stuff done.

Now back to work. Remember: short and sweet, but not dense. Also remember: polite and persistent.
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...If you hang in there until the end of the second week of April, and everything's copacetic after that, you will be rewarded with many beautiful things...such as, quite possibly, a 1:6 spray bottle [see bottom of the page] and a body for Absinthe [with bonus head!]. Now go back to work.
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I like almost every item in Rement's 2004 set, Vintage Home Appliances, but these things command ridiculous prices on Ebay. Look -- the phones, toasters, blenders, sewing machines, etc., all have a design that would be perfectly at home in any living quarters from 1950 to the present. Read more... )

All items in the set are charming and useful, but I'm especially enamored of the fan/hair dryer set and the space heater/hot water bottle set. Read more... )

From the early French Sundries set, I also like the portable typewriter, which has a movable platen!  Read more... )

Museum wax

Mar. 5th, 2009 02:59 pm
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Apparently good for sticking Rements in dolls' hands or eyes in dolls' heads WITHOUT leaving nasty residue or stains. Clearly, it is a Miracle Substance. Only $5.75 plus shipping and handling from Aftosa.
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Not that I need any more miniature oranges, here is a tutorial from miniaturist Angie Scarr about how to make miniature unpeeled, halved, peeled, even sectioned oranges! She writes a whole book about making miniature foods, for which she relies heavily [and cleverly] on caning, or making a tube of something to cut into slices of fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc.

The Clay Store has a bunch of tutorials, which can be modified and refined to suit my capabilities. Those that catch my interest are:
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Anneka and Will are each supposed to have some dolls of their own in 1:6 scale, but I've had a horrible time finding affordable figures in the 1:36ish range...until now. The Homies series of plastic figures, all 2" high or less, presents models of various urban characters, one set of which, the Micro Icon Punks, would be perfect for Anneka and Will's dolls. But I still need to make at least one mermaid for Anneka and a Bru for Will...maybe out of paper...

Barclay's O Gauge Corner sells O gauge [1:48] civilian figures for reasonable prices.

Here's a 1:12 scale girl doll [by Sophie Drummond?] that might work as Will's Bru.

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Kotobukiya sells a series of several styles of eyeglasses for figs. Each set comes flat-packed and cut out of a sheet of very thin metal, ready to be removed with wire snips and bent into shape. Hobby Search appears to have all styles in stock.

I swear Volks made some for Dollfies [27cm ones], but I can't find a link. EDIT: Andrea, who is God, says that these no longer exist.

Forever Virginia sells sunglasses and eyeglasses at about 5 pairs per sheet of transparency plastic. You cut these out and then hook them around your figs' ears.

Toymania has a tutorial on creating your own 1:6 glasses using wire, a paintbrush and wire snips.

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Flirty Pink Going to the Pink Market contains cleaning products and a spray bottle!

Flirty Pink Sundays are Pink contains tools that are probably the right size for light crafting, rather than minor carpentry.

While I'm poking around on the site, I notice these that I like as well, but may not be able to get, since they are older:

American Kitchen Mommy's Breakfast has cereal and a milk jug.

Elegant Sweets Girls Like Tarts reminds me of the fruit tarts I love so much.

In Fun Meals, I like Waffles because of the waffle iron and Eggs Etc. because of the eggs and bacon!

In Mini Sweets, I like Happy Birthday Surprise because of the balloons and the blowers and All-American Apple Pie for the beautiful pie!

Iwako interests:
Read more... )
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Rement's upcoming My Cats set is clearly inspired by LOLcats, with lots of cats in things that they aren't supposed to be in. My favorite part of the set is the Nomuras' Kitchen Cat, which includes a cat sleeping curled up in a pot and a kitten playing with a plastic bag.
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Rement's a brand name for small, plastic, realistically colored, finely molded, hand-painted models of food, household goods, animals and other related stuff, made by a Japanese company called Rement. The stuff is ~1:6, usually a bit smaller, so it works well with fashion dolls and 12" action figs, a.k.a. the cast of LHF. It is made in themed sets, like "Princess Tea Party," "What's For Dinner?,""Kawaii Kitchen," etc. Rement is the company name, and the stuff goes by Puchi Petites in the US, but most people I know call the models Rements. Because of their high levels of both quality and cuteness, Rements cause masturbation mass evacuation of wallets non-stop high-pitched squealing to those who are interested in these things.Just talking about Rements with links to cute pictures )
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Rement, a popular source of detailed 1:6 food and household items, will be offering its eminently cool products in the U.S. later this year.

Here's the E-mail sent to Rement collectors:

Here's the US site:

I have no use for it, but I want the waffle iron.
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I've made 1:6, 1:3 and 1:1 books, both readable books and "dummy" books [to fill the shelves], mostly by studying the construction of my own books and working outwards and backwards to create my own from scratch. For an impatient person with no training in booksmithery, I've done pretty well.

I should now graduate to leather-bound books, with endpapers and spine ridges and all! I should also take pictures of my readable 1:6 and 1:3 books. Heck, I should even start making 1:1 books, especially since I go through them so quickly.



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