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I just scored duplicates of the Hasbro Shoezies L and N as shown in my inventory of bootfeet. Color combos are going to be lime/lemon and orange/magenta! \o/ I might also repaint M if I can get the feets out of the Shoezies. I need to get at least some gold and silver paint. Not sure if I need some orange.
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Now that I have decided to modify Isabel's legs so that they have action figure ankle cups, thus allowing her to use my collection of bootfeet, I decided to take an inventory of what options for footwear she has:Read more... )

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I wonder if Groovy Girls clothing would fit Isabel? That would be awesome, as Groovy Girls epitomize my signature style and are available for $15.00 for a dressed doll. ^_^
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I posted 31 lots last night, 13 [42%] of which have already been spoken for. As excited as I am to get rid of stuff, I'm also quite excited at what my trades will yield: an upholstered chair to replace my current faded, stained, pink/white floral one annnnnnd clothes for Zombieville denizens.

I'd like a few more lots to go away, but I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.
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I have a few people with whom I am trading stuff for clothes for Isabel, so I figure that I should consolidate all the information about her measurements and style in one place for convenient reference.

Isabel is a 1:6 scale resin BJD made of an Elfdoll Doona Ryung head on a modded 5StarDoll tiny girl body. 5StarDoll's measurements for that body are all still the same on Isabel; I just reduced the length of her neck and tapered it a bit at the top.

The only significant difference besides the neck is that Isabel has breasts, but they are made by stuffing tissues in a cropped tank top, which means that they are compressible and do not add much to her chest circumference. If you need any other measurements from me, please let me know!

For comparison's sake, tops and jackets for male action figures fit her well, especially if stretchy or baggy. Pants/Leggings for female action figures fit, but only if they are really stretchy. If it helps, I have a post showing her in some clothing made for "regular-size" 1:6ers.

Like most of my favorite dolls, Isabel adheres to my signature style. You can find a discussion and examples of this style here. Other sources of inspiration may be found in Motylalka's Etsy shop [I love the stuff with pink, green, yellow and orange!] and Manhattan Toy's line of Groovy Girls, who know how to make multiple patterns work!

Isabel wears the following:
  • tank tops
  • vests
  • T-shirts
  • arm warmers
  • short skirts to mid-thigh
  • leggings, lots of leggings
  • legwarmers to knees
  • things that stretch
She does not wear any of the following:
  • white
  • sheer tops
  • low-cut tops
This is because she has a red cropped tank top for a bra, and I don't want her bra to be visible through her shirts! [Bra straps can be visible, though, if she's wearing a tank top.]

Just remember...bright...stretchy...patterned...obnoxious! You can't go wrong! :p

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Here's Isabel with no added fats. I tested some of my existing 1:6 clothes on her to see what would fit. Some of this stuff may not fit Isabel when she gets on her final body, as I have yet to decide where to add fats on her. This is useful as a starting point, however.
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Doll news!

Jan. 15th, 2013 10:02 am
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1. I did not win the Soom Auber I put in for. Fine, all the more money for FAT DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I'm trading Sarah [Souldoll Shiva-G who has been sitting on the DOA marketplace since mid-August] to Isabeau for two elaborate outfits for -- who else? -- Mr. Pointyhead McDemandypants, who is out of his mind with glee.

3. I just scored a second 5StarDoll tiny girl body for Isabel from the DOA marketplace. It wasn't as ridiculously cheap as the first one, which was like $80.00 shipped, I think. This one was ~$120.00 shipped, which would have been the price + s/h from Denver Doll, but without the indeterminate wait time. It's actually not just a body that I'm buying this time, but a whole doll, meaning that a head is included. I have no use for the head, so I'll sell it off, which will essentially reduce the second body to the price I paid for the first.

I have now acquired two 5StarDoll bodies for the price that I paid for the Fairyland LittleFee body. I sure wish that LittleFee body would sell, as I have half a mind to acquire MORE 5StarDoll bodies and make more than two fat dolls!

4. I decided that Isabel, like all my major characters, rocks my signature style, marked by her own preferences. She especially likes leggings and dresses/tops in this style. [In fact, the colors and patterns in that dress are perfect for Zombieville!] Leggings for 1:3 scale toddler dolls are incredibly cheap on Etsy, so I plan to buy a bunch with which I can easily create new combos. As for tops, I'd love to work with Motylalka [maker of the pink/lime dress], sending her Isabel's body [or at least measurements] so she could make a few wonderful pieces that would be guaranteed to fit Isabel.

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I guess so, and they're still really cheap. I could hit them up for...
  • women's plain black pants $2.95
  • women's plain black pleather pants $4.95
  • black pleather sleeves $0.99
  • women's lab coat $3.95
  • blue/pink/yellow/green women's leotards $3.95
  • black karate slipons $2.95
  • black stompy strappy boots for women $2.99

KB1346-0001 FemBasix Denim Jacket and Pants Female - Blue $9.95 1 $9.95

KB1767 Infirmary Exclusives Black Pants Slacks Trousers Female $2.95 1 $2.95
KB983 bbi Takara Black Pleather Sleeves $0.99 1 $0.99
KB1744 Infirmary Exclusives White Lab Coat Doctors Jacket Female $3.95 1 $3.95
KB1211 Dragon Models Pirate Sleeve Blouse Shirt Purple Female $3.95 1 $3.95
KB1319-0009 FemBasix Solid Panty Hose Spandex - Purple $3.95 1 $3.95
KB1319-0002 FemBasix Solid Panty Hose Spandex - Hot Pink $3.95 1 $3.95
KB1327-0009 FemBasix Leotard Long Sleeves Spandex - Pink $3.95 1 $3.95
KB1327-0010 FemBasix Leotard Long Sleeves Spandex - Yellow $3.95 1 $3.95
KB1535 Dragon Models Black & White Karate Slippers $2.99 1 $2.99
KB1633 FemBasix Tall Gothic Style Buckle Boots Black $2.99 1 $2.99


Final list
fem lab coat
solid "panty hose" in yellow, hot pink, green and purple
total incl s/h $19.75
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Awesome! Project ARE makes them for male and female figs.
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I'm seeing your basic molded plastic sneakers and boots for north of $10.00 nowadays. I understand the expense if the shoes are made of real fabric and/or have real laces, but, other than that, I don't get it.

I do, however, see some nifty canvas hightops! ^_^
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Just like yesterday. First, in an effort to whiten Novella's head, I stuck her in a shot glass of 70% isopropyl alcohol with a plastic bag rubber-banded over the top so the alcohol didn't escape. I soaked her from 6 PM last night to 1 PM this afternoon, then cleaned her off for 45 minutes with a melamine sponge.
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Elizabeth Jr. just directed me to Barbie Styled By Me, where you choose from a limited number of sculpts and incredibly tacky outfits, as well as a T-shirt with a user-selected nine-letter message, and assemble your own custom styled Barbie. Here's mine, rockin' the signature bold, mismatching, heavily patterned style of all my dolls. In case you can't read the minuscule letters on her eye-bleedingly pink T-shirt, it says DRAGQUEEN.
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[No, I'm not outraged right now.]

Doll clothing with out-of-scale buttons. I see this a lot on clothes for 1:3 scale BJDs [i.e., ~60cm or 2 feet tall]. Makers of doll clothes will go to incredible lengths to replicate and scale down all the details of, say, a shirt or a jacket, and then WHAMMO! They'll completely spoil the whole effect by using 1:1 scale buttons [suitable for human clothes] as fasteners.

And they're not doing it for a purposeful aesthetic effect either. This is serious, unfunky clothing that they're making, insofar as doll clothes can be serious. It's especially hilarious when you're looking at suits for BJDs: "Oh I like the structure of this jacket. The detail on the lining makes it look almost GOOD GRAVY WHO PUT BUTTONS THE SIZE OF SAUCERS ON THE CUFFS???"

In-scale buttons exist! I know this because I see them with some regularity on 1:6 scale clothes. I know they exist for 1:3 scale clothes as well, but I'm not sure why they aren't used very much by makers of doll clothes in 1:3 scale.

I mean, surely, if you can be arsed to put in-scale zipper flies and functioning pockets on your denim dolly jeans, you can put freakin' in-scale buttons on your dolly shirts, right?

You know what...while I'm pissing and moaning about BJD stuff, let me get this off my chest. Asian BJD companies can now officially stop with the Alice in Wonderland [sic] special edition dolls and/or outfits. Way too many doll studios have done or are doing something with this concept. Boooooooring.

If Asian BJD companies want some non-Alice concepts, I can supply some. Let's try the Chinese zodiac, the months of the year [not the same as the non-Chinese zodiac, more of a personification theme], celestial bodies [again not the non-Chinese zodiac, more of a personification theme], fairy tales, seasons [mud season!], weather, trees/flowers, the Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, ceremonial dress from different cultures, the Major Arcana of a Tarot deck, medieval Western European character types [king, queen, knight, damsel, jester, maid, serf, etc.], characters from famous ballets, et hoc genus omne. Some of these concepts have already been appropriated by some companies, but I think they still have a lot of life in them.

Furthermore, we need more therianthropic characters. I'm not just talking dolls with resin ear attachments; I'm talking dolls with non-human limbs and torsos and such. We have not yet reached market saturation on centaurs, especially female ones, and merpeople. I also strongly advocate for naga [human/snake hybrids], human/bear hybrids and human/zebra hybrids. We definitely need more human/arachnid dolls [Soom Vesuvia and Impldoll Colin being the only ones I know of]. And we're also seriously lacking in human/insect hybrids. That's just for starters...
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She came today! The first thing I did was...break her arm. I snapped the internal skeleton of her left upper arm, creating the clean break indicated by the arrow in the picture below. I immediately concluded that Phicen seamless bodies are CRAP. They're not poorly made; they're just contrary to the purpose of action figures, who are supposed to move and pose, not snap.
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Phicen is a maker of 1:6 female action figures and clothing, known for their "seamless" body, in which most of the articulation hides underneath a flexible skin. They are currently selling a figure called Military Fun which proves, without a doubt, that their designers have weird senses of humor.

Military Fun, shown here on Phicen's company site, consists of a seamless Caucasian female figure body with a blond headsculpt that looks vaguely like Scarlett Johansson. Her brown tube top and miniskirt are apparently too small to contain her white underwear. She also has thigh-high, lace-up, bright green boots and a trench coat that matches her top and skirt. Nothing about this get-up screams "Military!" to me, much less "Fun!"

A quick glance at Phicen's other products shows that their target audience likes pretty faces, long hair, big boobs, realistic poseability, revealing outfits and extremely high heels.

Okay, I can play this game.

Here's my concept for a surefire bestselling Military Fun: headsculpt with noted similarity to current actress of the moment, long hair, seamless body with extra large bust and standard poseability, camo midriff-baring low-cut bolero top, camo short shorts, thigh-high green fishnets, big stompy black leather boots, some sort of hat, goggles [because goggles are cool], fingerless gloved hands AND LOTS OF GUNS. Or maybe just ONE BIG GUN, like a Gatling assault cannon, or whatever the hell Cy Girl Destiny's big honkin' piece was. Maybe some grenades and bombs too. Don't forget the harnesses and holsters! There -- instant sell-out!

See -- I know my audience! :p

That being said, I find Military Fun hilarious, which is why I purchased her. [Also she was only $60.00 at SithLord MacGyver's, and when was the last time you got a complete figure with painted, haired head, body, alternative hands, clothes and shoes/bootfeet for <$90.00? No, you old farts, I'm not talking about the glory days of the early millennium when you could buy Cy Girls for $30.00. I'm talking about modern times.] And I like her head...and her long green boots.

I haven't purchased a new 1:6 action figure in YEARS. This'll be my first Phicen and first seamless body too. I'll definitely report back when I get her!
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Look at all those little cupcakes! I'm impressed, and I don't even care for Katie Perry.
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Ellery and Lucian's clothes from Andrea came today! Sadly the jeans and the underwear did not fit because the measurements that I gave Andrea were too small, though I took them from Lumedoll's Web site. Regardless, here's Ellery the geek with her questionable sense of style and Lucian the sly, finally with pants. Bonus picture of them together!!Read more... )
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Andrea finished up Ellery's clothes recently and sent me pictures of the final products.
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Andrea showed me Ellery's underwear and one of her many pairs of sleeves today. "Semper ubi sub ubi...." Tee hee hee!
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Now with 23 gauge brass wire in her arms, Jamisia poses much more effectively. In the second picture, she shows off Lucian's blouse and vest, nabbed from a Mattel Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow Ken doll.
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I just ordered an outfit from a Mattel Jack Sparrow [pirate] Ken doll for Lucian. The vest separates from the blouse, but the blouse and pants are sewn together, so I have to remove the blouse and hem it, which I think I can handle with my limited sewing skills.
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Lucian's clothes, courtesy of a June Planning Captain Hook Taeyang doll, arrived today. Overall, it's too big, better suited to fit a Cy Girl [see Frank modeling the jacket below] or a male action figure than a slightly built, slender male figure as Lucian.

Furthermore, much to my disgust and annoyance, all elements are well-made of soft, lined fabric, except for the dang shirt. The blouse is made of a sleazy pink fabric more appropriate for cheap playline Barbies. When I pay a lot for a doll or its outfit, I expect high-quality fabrics, not something that I can find on a $5.00 doll in the department store.

I don't know what I'm going to do with these clothes. I like the jacket; it's well-structured, form-fitting and nicely lined, along with being a deep dark red. But I refuse to offend Lucian's [and my] standards by dressing him in the blouse that I thought would work so well for him. Back to the drawing board...
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Andrea is making some of Ellery's clothes. Here's what she has so far. Look at the incredible little patchwork skirt!!
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I also brought back from my parents' house a selection of clothes and accessories for Me and My Muses.Read more... )
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Searching for "blythe sports shoes" on Ebay brings up a selection of footwear <$10.00 a pair that will accommodate Lumelight fems' feet.

Andrea [who is God] tells me that Momoko and Pullip clothes will very likely be too small for Ellery and Jessica, so I have commissioned someone [=God] to make a stylistically clashing wardrobe for Ellery.

My ideal wardrobe for Ellery would be
  • a tiered skirt of mismatching layers
  • some underwear [bra and briefs]
  • a T-shirt that says FEMINIST
  • a T-shirt that says GEEK
  • a pair of jeans that go up to her waist
  • a long-sleeved shirt to wear open over the T-shirts [i.e., doesn't need fasteners] and
  • as many as possible pairs of sleeves with all different patterns and colors.
Meanwhile, I have given up on my search for a French maid outfit for Jessica Jamisia. I will just use a dress [Ebru's] and apron [Materyllis', shown under her felt apron here] from Andrea that I already have, and I'll leave it at that. I'm already laying out quite a bit for the 4 main dolls themselves and Ellery and Lucian's clothes, so I'd like to save where possible.
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A Jun Planning Nosferatu Taeyang [the male counterpart to Pullip] nobly made a sacrifice to make his outfit possible. Irritatingly, I had to purchase a doll along with the clothes. Anyone want a naked Nosferatu Taeyang?

I know it's hard to see, but please note floofy, lacy shirt, sparkly black pants, dramatic black vest and tailcoat the color of dried blood.Read more... )
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Lumedoll fems

Blythe shoes
Lati Yellow shoes

Lumedoll males

made for male action figures by TTL/Toys City and Triad Toys. Apparently TTL pants are skin-tight on the v.2 body and loose on the original body, which is just what I need all around! (She also says that clothing by the Crazy Owners company is too large.)

shirts, pants, shoes:

ACI jeans
ACI shoes

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I think it should be easy to find a French maid outfit to fit a 27cm fashion doll, without having to resort to the ridiculously expensive and unattractive French Maid Barbie Doll. Silkstones are so unappealing, and they're not even articulated well! This complaint is in reference to Jessica Jamisia, Ellery's third muse, who should be dressed in a French maid outfit.Read more... )
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Ellery: Find something in clothes bin.

Lucian: open white collared shirt, jeans, black boots

Mazzy: ridiculous underwear

Jessica: French maid outfit

Avery: Find something in clothes bin.

Kristin: Cory's clothes

Melinda: Maybe's clothes

Jo: AJ's clothes

MacKenzie: Tamsin's clothes, shoes
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I made a little Web site dedicated to Hasbro Shoezies and linked it to my Flickr photostream [yes, I have one now] with pictures of Shoezies and their use as 1:6 footwear.
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Ebru shows off yet another one of my spoils from Andrea's package. The package contained about 30 items of clothing for $25.00 total, and I kept 19 items, making each item just about $1.32, which is a bargain for clothing by my favorite designer for 1:6! As you can tell, the population is very happy with the results too. I think I need an "andrea" tag, just to keep track of the clothes and packages from her that I showcase here!   Read more... )
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Anneka shows off another garment from the big batch of Andrea's partly showcased yesterday on N'Yenya, Shaniqua, Materyllis and Janet. Dress is by Andrea, and sleeves are from a Barbie dress by Andrea.  Read more... )
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I bought a bunch of various dresses off Andrea this week, and now some LHFers are modeling the results. From left to right, there's N'Yenya, Shaniqua, Materyllis and Janet. My favorite article of clothing in the picture is N'Yenya's dress. Janet's shirt is adapted from a Barbie-sized dress. It, of course, has robots on it! Now if only I could get Janet to look at the camera... Read more... )
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Visit my Shoezies Web site at !
Does anyone have any Shoezies that they don't want, especially clogs or slides? I want them!
I can barely find anything online about Hasbro's Shoezies, unless I want to purchase said toys on Ebay, so I thought I'd write up a brief description and provide pictures for those interested.

Shoezies were a line of toys by Hasbro that first debuted in February, 2001, according to this article on They were pairs of miniature collectible shoes, in approximately 1:5 or 1:6 scale. Among the 36 styles were sandals, clogs, slides, flats, pumps, sneakers, roller blades, etc. Each pair came in its own shoebox with tissue paper. The shoes themselves were molded out of plastic in exquisite detail, with distinct lefts and rights, laces and texturing. Tread patterns were individualized for each pair of shoes, though all pairs had a five-petaled flower design on the bottom to signify that they were official Shoezies. Further accessories also included a Shoezies Display Center, a shoe-store-like shelf to shoe of one's Shoezies, and little boom boxes, which one was supposed to "dance" the Shoezies too.

What were girls supposed to do with these "miniature collectible shoes?" Hasbro advertising suggested putting them on your fingers and "walking" around with them, but doll enthusiasts had other ideas. Collectors of 1:4, or 16-18", dolls such as Tyler and Gene discovered that Shoezies displayed well next to 1:4 shoes, though the dolls' feet were too big to fit in the Shoezies. And 1:6 nerds, like me, realized that some Shoezies could either be slipped on bare 1:6 female action figure feet without adaptation. Or other pairs could be adapted as "bootfeet" for those female action figures with ball and socket ankle joints.

I have 5 pairs of Shoezies in my femfig footwear collection, and I use them in several different ways. The black ankle boots and the red hiking boots can be wedged directly onto ankle stumps. As you can see, the purple chunky soles and the grey athletic shoes have been modified to be bootfeet for Cy Girl/Perfect Body bodies. Finally, the T-straps in the lower left fit bare femfig action figure feet without any alteration.  Read more... )
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A lot goes on behind the scenes of LHF that most readers don't know about. For example, Justine's head popped off one too many times recently, cracking her Sculpey hair that I labored so long over. Exasperated with the fragility of the Sculpey, I plunked down nearly $20.00 for a size 4 Victorianish updo wig [style = Martha]. Result: I'm poorer, but Justine won't break her hair any more.

Today I also got in the mail appropriate clothes for Waverley. As a 15cm Elfdoll tiny, she is one of my smallest dolls and also one of the most difficult to clothe. She was in a Bratz Boyz' shirt and a pair of Kelly shorts, but those looked silly and impractical. I didn't want to get her a dress either, since Waverley is more butch than that. I finally coughed up $23.00 for a little red-and-black-striped hooded sweatshirt and matching pants. So cute and perfectly in character too.

The upshot of all this is that I blow lots of money on even minor characters to make them conform to my vision of how they should be.Read more... )
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She still needs a white collar thing, her headdress painted white, a white veil, a chastity belt and her weapons, but she's on her way to being ass-kickingly and chastely awesome. Don't mess with someone who has such a stern expression. I really like this action figure because the facial sculpt clearly communicates a feline nature, even without ears or whiskers. At the same time, you can see a lot of grit, determination and personality in the sculpt. Captain Thunderpussy is an unusual and beautiful figure! [Well, at least her head is. As I mentioned before, I find Character Options' body disappointing.] Read more... )
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As I have mentioned a few times, I'm looking for some 1:6 costumes/fetish wear for use in reshooting LHF 2.1. Also I just think it's hilarious to have fetish gear lying around in the background of Anneka and Will's houses. Makes you wonder about their sex lives....

So these are the items mentioned in the original version:
  • Horned gas mask
  • Dancing girl outfit
  • Head harness with ball gag
  • Viking helmet
  • Wig with ringlets
  • Captain Thunderpussy, the kitty pirate nun: wimple, cat ears, cutlass.
  • Tex the harem starlet cowboy: cowboy hat, harem girl veil, six-shooter.
Here are the items I have procured:
  • Clown mask [from ZC Girls' Carol the bank robber]
  • Dancing girl outfit [from Ebay from a special version of Mikelman's Candi]
  • Head harness with ball gag [digitally rendered in DAZ]
  • Viking helmet
  • Thunderpussy's wimple and cutlass
  • Tex's cowboy hat, veil and six-shooter
Still looking for a gas mask.

EDIT: Just got a gas mask, some horribly blocky glasses and 2 pairs of bloomers from War Toys, my favorite loose 1:6 stuff dealer. Now I have completed my quest for 1:6 fetishwear. Also Absinthe can have some appropriate underwear!
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In LHF 2.1, "Homecoming Costumes," Anneka and Will consider what to wear. They have just heard that Anneka's grandmother, Minerva, is on her deathbed, so they must hurry up to Vermont to attend her. Unfortunately, if direct sunlight hits them, they, being undead, will burn up. Thus they turn to their extensive collection of fetish wear to find suitable cover-ups.

As they sort through their dress-up box, they try to alleviate their tension by clowning around. Will pretends that he's "Captain Thunderpussy, the kitty pirate nun!" Anneka says that his character is no match for "Tex the harem starlet cowboy!" Will's Captain Thunderpussy costume is a wimple, cat ears, an eyepatch and a cutlass. Anneka's Tex the harem starlet cowboy is a pair of bunny ears [lost in translation], a cowboy hat, a dancing girl veil, star-shaped sunglasses and a six-shooter.

CLEARLY I need a Captain Thunderpussy doll. Fortunately, there is a kitty nun doll who only needs piratization to complete her transformation into the character. Recently a 12" doll of a Dr. Who character, Novice Hame of the Sisters of Plenitude, was released. Novice Hame is a nun from a race of cat people, so, as you can see from this review, she looks like a bipedal humanoid cat in a wimple and full nun robes. She just needs an eyepatch, a cutlass and some more piratical flair to make her into Captain Thunderpussy.

The more I think about it, the more amusing it would be for Captain Thunderpussy to actually appear in LHF as an overbearing muse figure. Will obviously has a weird, pornographic, parodic imagination, but he keeps trying to write poetry. Maybe Thunderpussy ["That's CAPTAIN Thunderpussy to you, ya swab!!"] can point him in the direction of his true calling.

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No, my "print to action figure" button still ain't working. The mask was rendered separately, then pasted in as a separate layer and merged with a photo. Close enough for government work! I still want a real one though.

Still, now I know I can paste simple Daz objects into real scenes. This is good to know. Read more... )
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Fortunately it won't actually be worn, but it needs to be a prop. It's a combination face mask/ball gag/blindfold, and YES, it does have narrative relevance in LHF. Pictures below. Anyone have ideas? Maybe I should just cut off a Barbie face and sculpt from that?? [The different colors in the pictures are just so the different parts can be seen, although I do think those crazy colors are kinda cool.]

Read more... )

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Absinthe has two new dresses! One is a burgundy velvet gown with a horrendously large lace collar. It is from the Sentimental Valentine Barbie. I scored the outfit alone for ~$12.00 including shipping.

The other outfit is a blue dress with white collar and underskirt and wretched red bow detailing. It is from the Colonial Barbie. It was not one of my first choices, but it is simple, conservative and appropriate for Absinthe. I couldn't resist the price either: $8.60 including shipping.

I think the Pioneer Barbie outfit would be best for Absinthe, but the prices are currently a little steep. I'd like to get the whole package or just the outfit for <$15.00.

In other news, I have had no luck finding shoes for Junior, a Kelly-based doll. Kelly/Tommy shoes are difficult to find and to keep track of, which makes them disgustingly expensive on Ebay and also impossible to procure from my usual fellow doll-loving sources. I don't feel like spending a lot of money on a minor character, no matter how charming he looks.

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I keep encountering problems when searching for clothes for Absinthe. I imagine that she wears clothes from the Victorian era, but all the Tonner Victorianish clothes that I want are expensive. I am left with 3 options:

Absinthe's white shift, which she came with. Good for a nightgown or running around in the house, but not formal wear.
Leonora's burgundy velvet dress, from Victorian Lady Barbie. Good for winter and formal portraits, but not spring/summer.
Justine's purple walking suit, from P.F. Albee Barbie. Good for spring/summer, but has been stretched to boobular proportions by Justine.

However, it is possible to find other Barbie-based Victorian fashions. For example, Barbie with Cedric Bear, a dressing gown and nightgown combo, can be purchased for ~$20.00, if one knows where to look on Ebay. Victorian Tea Barbie [the plastic one], a white summer outfit, can be purchased for between $20.00 and $30.00.  Same for Gibson Girl Barbie, a 1910s working woman's outfit. The Disney Mary Poppins Barbie, a very stylized white 1910s outing dress, can go for <$20.00. Sentimental Valentine Barbie, a dress for winter formals, has an outfit from the 1830s, more properly the period of Absinthe's adulthood, and she goes for well <$20.00. No one wants her.
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Requiem aeternam,
dona eis, Domine,
et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Grant unto them
eternal rest, O Lord,
and may light perpetual shine upon them.

Michaela in a Lady's Mission nun's habit lent to me by D7ana.   Read more... )
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Righty-o, so I'm reshooting all the eps of LHF that were done in digital renders because digital renders are ugly and impersonal compared to the warmth and flexibility of my dolls. I can approximate almost every digitally rendered ep without trouble, except for 2.1, "Homecoming Costumes." It's basically a joke ep in which Anneka and Will wonder how to cover themselves up so they can drive to Vermont without sunlight hitting them and burning them. They consider options from their huge stash of kinky roleplaying stuff:  Read more... )
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She might, according to DOAers. If that's so, then that's an even greater incentive to get such a body for Absinthe, since I really like the Agnes Dreary clothing.
  • Minor Conundrum outfit [unfortunately comes with doll] has a bit of a fetish edge.
  • Dreary Dinner Doldrums [unfortunately comes with doll as well] looks like it's made out of spider webs spun from dried blood.
  • Recess in the Cemetery is nice and serious and subdued, but I think that the lace collar and cuffs detract.
  • Naughty or Nice [dammit -- a doll] would be great formal wear.

While I've got an interest in Tonner 12-incher clothes, I might also note that Marley, Alice, Lyra, Dorothy and Gerda are the same size. Do they have anything interesting??
  • Alice's Victorian Stripes [unfortunately comes with doll] is just beautiful.
  • Marley's Upstate Weekend is good for climbing trees.
  • Lyra's Lyra at Oxford outfit is simple and practical.
  • Lyra's Svalbard outfit contains a glorious clash of patterns and textures, not to mention an awesome parka.
  • Gerda's outfit is simple and practical and subdued.

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This tutorial on how to make a late-Victorian pompadour, created for 1:12 dolls, looks perfectly adaptable to my method of gluing 1:6 hair on people's heads, if only I can figure out what's going on in the step where she turns the doll upside-down.

If this works, I can take that horrible bun off of Leonora's head and replace it with something more realistic.

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HLJ has really slashed prices on some of their items. Though I probably won't get any of these because shipping from Japan is prohibitively high, here are those that tempt me the most:

Medicom made a 1:6 Jack Sparrow from Dead Man's Chest before Hot Toys started putting out their figs from the same license. This dude originally ran about $200.00, but now he's down to $82.62, which is a steal considering the beautiful outfit [I always like historical clothes] and the lifelike headsculpt. Even with EMS shipping from Japan, he's almost affordable...or at least more justifiable to me than he was at his original price.

All the Aoshima Girls' Mission dollies are on sale too for 40% off at approximately $58.00 each. I like Rei's outfit the best, but Miki's open mouth gives her a cuteness not seen in the others.

Meyrin Hawke, who I think is on an Obitsu body, is 80% off at approximately $28.00. I don't know who she is, but I like her because she's a cute anime dolly with bouncy hair.

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I just bought some boring clothes for my dolls from War Toys, my preferred loose parts dealer. The damage was just around $54.00.
  • Carl Hages jeans: a baggy pair of blue denims with silly paisley accents. For Will and Anneka.
  • Attila the Hun shirt and pants: a simple loose white shirt and baggy black pants for figs who don't care about fashion. Pants possibly for Gemini.
  • Roscoe shirt and pants: light brown long-sleeved shirt and dark brown pants for conservative figs. Shirt possibly for Max. Pants possibly for Mark.
  • Dr. J. shirt: blue/grey long-sleeved shirt for conservative figs. Shirt possibly for Max.
  • Det. Chow outfit: light blue T-shirt and blue jeans for anyone that fits into them. Pants possibly for Sibley.
  • CJ7 shirt and pants: white long-sleeved shirt and black pants for slender, smaller figs. Shirt for Mamie. Pants for Chow.
  • Mme Marie skirt: a long black skirt for a conservative female character. For Teodora.
  • 4 pairs of cheap, nondescript boots. Slip-ons for Chow. One pair for Max.



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