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 ...with Barbie and all her friends because, for the most part, it manages to balance light humor at no one's expense with slapstick and clever in-jokes. Midge as snorting, safety-obsessed introvert who talks like the 1950s also cracks me up -- and she's so cute when she appears in Smidge of Midge in greyscale!

I also really like Ken, who ultimately ends up being portrayed as just another character who happens to be Barbie's boyfriend, rather than the major plot motor and deus ex machina of the series. He's goofy and utterly devoted to Barbie ["Barbie sense...tingling..."] and supremely confident enough in his masculinity to invent a super-sophisticated closet for all his girlfriend's clothes. In other words, rather than having gay panic over activities often coded as queer, Ken does IT, back-end programming for the Super Style Squad [actually saying, "Beep boop bop," with Skipper as they hit buttons ^_^ ]. I can't tell you how happy I am to see a cartoon where all the characters, male and female, take fashion, style, clothing, etc., etc., etc., seriously, and no one shits on it for being trivially feminine. That's actually kind of revolutionary.

Life in the Dreamhouse would be even better if it ditched its racism and ableism. For example:
  • The cast needs more POC in significant speaking roles besides Nikki.
  • While we're discussing Nikki, she needs to develop a modicum of personality beyond Sassy Black Friend. For God's sake, she even does the head jerks and vocal fry so routinely associated with this stereotype. Everyone else has some interest or trait to differentiate them [Teresa's monkey, Midge's macrame, Summer's high energy, Skipper's use of gadgets, Ryan's really bad songs], but Nikki has nothing.
  • Furthermore, the show needs to stop using Afros as a visual shorthand for disastrous hairdos. When all characters have shiny, sleek, straight hair and curly, kinky, gravity-defying clouds of natural locks are depicted as the ridiculous punchlines to jokes, people with such curly, kinky hair are derided by extension.
  • The ableism needs to go too. Any use of "lame" as an adjective meaning "bad quality, boring, uninteresting, etc." should be scratched from the script pronto. Ditto for any appearance of "crazy" for "wild, unusual, strange, exciting" or "cray cray" for same. Just cut it out.
  • In terms of additions, I think that Life in the Dreamhouse would be greatly improved by the appearance of Becky, a photographer friend of Barbie who uses a wheelchair. I mean, c'mon -- if they can devote the air time to a running gag on the inadequate single elevator in the Dreamhouse, surely they can devote an episode to its upgrade and Barbie and Becky's happiness when Becky can finally get to the second floor to see her super-awesome closet, right?
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Confession says, "All my dolls are based on the men of my masturbatory fantasies."

Collective response says, "So? Do you think that's unique in this hobby?"


Jareth: >:} [devious smirk]

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This is what I have learned from watching the first fifteen minutes of The Doll Master, a 2004 South Korean horror film featuring hordes of BJDs by Customhouse. As demonstrated by Young-ha, a BJD-owning character, they're all sulky, introverted weirdos with no social skills and a tendency to treat their dolls as independent equals, rather than toys.

I've wanted to watch this movie ever since I learned of it, partly because my first BJD was a Customhouse Jun [Zephque], partly because the BJD community refers to Doll Master as the equivalent of BJD: The Movie. Further comments when I'm done.

If you're so inclined to watch a horror movie about dolls, you can find the entire Doll Master film on Youtube with subtitles.

P.S. You know what actually is really fucking creepy? That life-size doll hanging from the ceiling as a lamp holder in the weirdo BJD owner's room. It looks like it's being tortured. :( Won't someone please think of the mannequins? :p

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She got it today. She was very happy, as you can see below, and amused by the name it was addressed to. ^_^Read more... )

Mt. BJD!

Nov. 18th, 2012 01:35 pm
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I store dolls on my desk when I'm not using it as a creation area. However, when I need to make something or take photos, everyone has to move. They go sit on my bed. Yesterday I stacked a bunch of dolls and stuff so that I could transport them quickly from desk to bed. Later I realized that I had arranged them all in a shrine-like pyramid. Janna called it Mt. BJD! :pRead more... )
modernwizard: (Default) O_O. It's the first time she's seen one of my BJDs. She was probably wondering why it looked like a person, but wasn't moving, giving her petpets or feeding her tuna.
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Since the summer, I've enjoyed following a few BJD-related Tumblrs, mostly, followed by and The first entertains me by applying animated gifs to hobby-related experiences. The second and the third bear anonymous witness to the barely coherent rage apparently simmering just beneath the surface of your average BJD owner. >_>

Recently, much of said barely coherent rage has concerned recasts, or bootleg, knockoff BJDs. When I first discovered that there was even a controversy about recasts, I did not understand. Recasts are clearly wrong. Don't buy them. How hard is that?

Pretty hard, apparently. Defenders of recasts have loads of justifications for their immoral and illegal deeds, including the following:

"I can't afford a legit one."

"Only the recasters supply the resin color that I want."

"It's just like downloading music."

"You're just being elitist." [In the BJD community, calling someone the E-word is just about the worst insult ever. I could write a whole entry about that, but it's kind of a tangent.]

And my favorite: "[Keep your] noses, moral choices, and all that jazz out of everyone elses dollie buying decision." Because right and wrong are completely irrelevant to human social activities! Whaddaya mean -- you didn't know that?!

Interestingly, most arguments in favor of recasts boil down to, "You're not the boss of me! PPLLLBBBHHHTHTHSSSSST!" Historically speaking, this has never been an effective rhetorical strategy.

The amount of poo-flinging generating by the subject of recasts [see this thread, for example] fascinates me. O_O
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Includes an illustrated list of activities to do with your doll [have deep conversations, propose, go on a space trip], as well as a list of illustrated side effects. Holy crap, that's the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. The company knows exactly what people do with their BJDs!
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Jujube keeps me company at work every day. Let's see what she does....
Read more... )
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1:3 scale Volks doll sets up a photoshoot with its 1:6 scale Gentaro Araki Unoa Light. ^_^
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Patrick Boivin presents a stop-motion animated Hot Toys Black Widow action fig kicking all the male characters' asses. Sweet!

Also please see his stop-motion video of the Michael Jackson fig vs. the Mr. Bean fig. The animation of the body language is hilarious!

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Thanks, Volks. This chart explains everything: how dolls are born, how they grow, how they have lives, how they die?! ...But I wonder about hybrid dolls. Does Frank, a Volks Yukinojo head on a Dollmore Model Doll body with Twiglimbs arms, have only 1/3 of a soul or something? The chart is silent. Noooooo !  Just when I think this hobby is all about people having fun and playing with dolls, something reminds me that there are some big cultural differences between my perceptions of dolls and other BJD owners' perceptions.  Read more... )
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I'll name her Asshole! That's pronounced ah-SHOW-lee, philistines.

Interestingly enough, DOA does not seem to have picked up on the awesomeness of Anus, either in news or discussion threads.

No, seriously, I kind of do want one for shits and giggles [but mostly shits :p]. She's like Lishe's hot older sister. Plus, she has a hilarious name. It's the kind of $600+ joke that keeps on giving.

EDIT: It's the $250 joke that keeps on giving. That's a pretty high price for some head...
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Korean BJD company Immortality of Soul has a new girl doll out. She's actually quite beautiful, except for her name. Her name is Anus. Insert your own sexual and scatalogical jokes here. All I have to say is this: Anus is a doll born to wear Pubis Club.See the lovely Anus below. )
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So Dollmore, known for its slightly silly names [see Pubis Club outfit], has just issued a new male Model Doll named Huey Lewis. All you children of the '80s must agree that this begs the inevitable question: But where's the News? :p
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The photo is from Zone of Zen user Marsha T. It's her grandson looking at one of her Tyler dolls with that most amusing expression on his face. Macro by me.



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