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I just scored Zev0's Aging Morphs 2 for G2F on 60% off sale, which allows me to realize a long-held dream: old and/or fat digital people! Some of the morphs provide effects of aging, while others change the distribution of weight on the face. I'm gonna make everyone fat and wrinkly now!

..Well, except for Jareth. He's not fat [not in his usual form anyway]. Aging, yes. Fat, no. But digital me and Jennifer and Allyson and and Felicia and Fay and Win, plus any other mini universe denizens I develop, plus all characters for Intellectum, are gaining fats and signs of aging. Now my digital populations can start to look like my doll populations!

This is gonna be so much fun!
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I have finally finished body mods and basic faceup on yet another FAT DOLL!!!!!!!!! This is Sylvia Blomqvist, last seen as a Fun-4-All talking Kelly Osbourne head on a customized male action figure body.
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I just put a down payment on another 1:6 scale BJD, a Sleeping Elf/Tinybear Coco in light tan with faceup, wig, eyes and dress. Here she is as she appears now. Photo by previous owner Luann [Gwydion on DOA].

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Like my other Tinybear doll, the Bonbon that I modded and made into Béatrice, Coco comes with long pointed ears and a short, fat body. Pictures on Tinybear's site show the Bonbon/Coco body more clearly.

My Coco, whose name is Delphine, could easily be another short, fat woman with dwarfism, like Béatrice, but I'm not sure I want to do that. [But...MORE FAT DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] At one point, I wanted to copy the kitbash of another Figurvore member, who spliced a dark tan Coco with a chocolate Hujoo body. The results were amazing, but Hujoos don't come in light tan [I don't think] to match Delphine's resin. I believe that the chocolate Hujoo I have will be too dark for Delphine, but I'll have to compare when I have both in hand.

Anyway, guess who scored Delphine for $90.00 shipped and insured?! Me, that's who! She goes for ~$220.00 new, but Gwydion wanted to clear her out, so I got such a deal.

One of the best things about 1:6 scale is that they take up so much less room than 1:3 scale! I've pretty much maxed out my available space for 1:3 scale [at least until we move into a house], but I can always wedge another 1:6er in somewhere. Gonna hafta start stackin' 'em like cord wood soon... :p

Ooooooh, I just got the best idea! Delphine could be Béatrice's twin sister! Then Isabel and Carter would not be the only set of twins in Zombieville. YAY TWINS! YAY FAT DOLLS! YAY FAT TWIN DOLLS! [Yay for people's names without accents that require tedious copying and pasting from other programs to render!] Yay Delphine!

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I don't want to rehab the Pocahontas doll from scratch for such a minor character. I got the idea this morning, though, to recycle LHFer Andrew into Sylvia. 

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  • Take final pictures of Pearlene with skull, hair and full outfit.
  • Redo Béatrice's faceup.
  • Possibly give Béatrice some hair.
  • Sculpt breasts for Isabel and Carter.
  • Cut down Deedee's base body.
  • Take naked comparison shots of all fat dolls.
  • Do something with that other 5StarDoll tiny body I have lying around.
I can't believe that I only have 4 completed fat dolls. Seems like I should have more... Well, Deedee will be another one, and whoever I decide to stick on that other 5StarDoll tiny body will be another. 


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I realize that bodysuits made for male action figures should fit well on all the fat female figures I'm making. They would make easy bases for outfits that would also showcase the shapely figures I have been adding to!
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I did some digital manipulations of Pearlene, and I think I can salvage her without the risky use of acetone. For example, just a small reduction of the size of her face on her head [i.e. reducing height of eyebrows, eyes and lips] makes her look so much better. I think I can get away with a repaint, a scalp reduction and a custom fat body [a modded male action figure?] to balance out the width of her head.
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Andrea sent me a link to the following Flickr photo, where a user rehaired a Mattel Mad Hatter [not Johnny Depp] and used it as an old woman. I clearly need to do this, only with a bulkier articulated body for the figure and a repaint for the head. There may also be fats involved....
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Now that I'm an accomplished [hah hah] maker of 1:6 scale fat dolls from 1:3 scale toddler BJDs, I perk up whenever I see mermaid parts from Soom Wave and Soda Sea Elves on the DOA marketplace. As Teenie Gems, they are the 1:3 scale toddlers of the Soom Gem line. I could very easily splice a 5StarDoll tiny torso with the Soom Wave/Soda mer-parts and have a FAT MERMAID!!!!

I'm regretting that I passed on the Soom Faery Legend merdude Azur, so I might create my own 1:6 scale mermaid BJD to hang out with the other fairies.

EDIT: There's also the option of buying a Planetdoll Mini Aqua and plopping on a truly 1:6 scale head, but I have a hard time getting over how the tail starts below the crotch. No, merfolk do not have human genitalia and excretory systems!

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I wonder if Groovy Girls clothing would fit Isabel? That would be awesome, as Groovy Girls epitomize my signature style and are available for $15.00 for a dressed doll. ^_^
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You can't tell, but Isabel is on her final and improved body. I got my second 5StarDoll tiny girl body earlier this week and reduced the neck this morning. Fweeeeeeee!Read more... )
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I improvised a sports bra for Isabel using a stretchy cropped tank top. Then I cut up a quarter of a tissue into strips, balled it up, then stuck it in each of her cups. Look -- breast forms! And she'll still fit into most of the clothes that I tried on previously.
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Here's Isabel with no added fats. I tested some of my existing 1:6 clothes on her to see what would fit. Some of this stuff may not fit Isabel when she gets on her final body, as I have yet to decide where to add fats on her. This is useful as a starting point, however.
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Isabel on fat body with neck sanded to reduce egregious dents.

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I broke out my N95 respirator and my safety goggles today and went outside to do the final rough-in of the first fat doll's neck with my Dremel. I started off with a cutting disc, which was not a good idea. Then I ran out, bought some deburring bits and used them. I doubt they should be used for my purposes, but they work, so :p.

Here's Isabel on the fat body after I reduced the height of the neck and tapered it further. Now I just have to sand to reduce the most egregious gouges. Woo hoo!
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Well, not the cheapest ever, just the cheapest I own personally.

So the aforementioned Lumedoll Lumelight heads are setting be back a total of $200.35, so that's about $66.78 a head.

I've got a 5StarDoll tiny body [$120.00] on the way for Blaze, and I'm gonna get Hujoo bodies for Koit and Arine [$20.00 apiece]. That would make Koit and Arine complete BJDs for <$100.00!

By the way, my definition of BJD at this point is a doll made of hollow parts and basically ball-shaped joints and strung with elastic. Head comes blank, with removable headcap and eyewells, but without hair. Custom painting, wigging, clothing, additive mods and/or subtractive mods are encouraged. Material can either be resin or something else [Hujoo makes some of its BJDs out of ABS plastic].

In other news, the Fairyland LittleFee body shown here is back on the market. It irritates me by being twice the price of a 5StarDoll tiny body, which is much superior for my purposes. I really wish it would go away already, but, if it doesn't sell, I might just keep it and use my by-then-perfected fats-making techniques to make an even shorter, fatter person.

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I have acquired a third 5StarDoll tiny girl body for the purposes of fattening someone up. At this rate, I will have perfected fattening techniques in a few weeks.
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Tonight I restrung the torso and legs with thinner elastic and less tension. This made the doll a little floppy while greatly increasing poseability. I must admit that one of my favorite traits of BJDs is their stringing. It can be tight for standing and/or holding long-term positions, or it can be looser for more naturalistic seated and lying postures.

Then I gouged out the front of the ankle sockets so that the feet could point perpendicularly from the calves, rather than slightly down.

I spent most of the time mangling working on the neck. A quick test revealed that, despite my earlier hopes, the 1:6 scale adult head on the 1:3 scale unadapted toddler neck did not work. Read more... )

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I've been thinking a lot about this because I want them both to be obviously fat [and approximately the same shape], but I also want them to fit into clothes made for standard 1:3 scale toddler bodies. Ideally, they'd both have flabby upper arms, breasts bigger than their heads, round protruding bellies and thick thighs, but I don't think that's feasible.

I'm currently contemplating a combination of sculpted fats and fabric fats. I'd like to thicken their thighs and make their asses fatter, so I would do that with Aves Apoxie Sculpt or what the heck ever.

I would really love to make them both have big, pendulous breasts [yay, gravity!], but I'm still pondering how I would achieve a combination of fatness, mobility and compressibility. Maybe really tight T-shirts with little birdseed packages sewn into appropriate areas? As a secondary with no need to be naked, Carter will never take his shirt off anyway. But what about Isabel?

I need little sports bras that I can stuff. :p

Doll news!

Jan. 15th, 2013 10:02 am
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1. I did not win the Soom Auber I put in for. Fine, all the more money for FAT DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I'm trading Sarah [Souldoll Shiva-G who has been sitting on the DOA marketplace since mid-August] to Isabeau for two elaborate outfits for -- who else? -- Mr. Pointyhead McDemandypants, who is out of his mind with glee.

3. I just scored a second 5StarDoll tiny girl body for Isabel from the DOA marketplace. It wasn't as ridiculously cheap as the first one, which was like $80.00 shipped, I think. This one was ~$120.00 shipped, which would have been the price + s/h from Denver Doll, but without the indeterminate wait time. It's actually not just a body that I'm buying this time, but a whole doll, meaning that a head is included. I have no use for the head, so I'll sell it off, which will essentially reduce the second body to the price I paid for the first.

I have now acquired two 5StarDoll bodies for the price that I paid for the Fairyland LittleFee body. I sure wish that LittleFee body would sell, as I have half a mind to acquire MORE 5StarDoll bodies and make more than two fat dolls!

4. I decided that Isabel, like all my major characters, rocks my signature style, marked by her own preferences. She especially likes leggings and dresses/tops in this style. [In fact, the colors and patterns in that dress are perfect for Zombieville!] Leggings for 1:3 scale toddler dolls are incredibly cheap on Etsy, so I plan to buy a bunch with which I can easily create new combos. As for tops, I'd love to work with Motylalka [maker of the pink/lime dress], sending her Isabel's body [or at least measurements] so she could make a few wonderful pieces that would be guaranteed to fit Isabel.

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My original plan to make a fat 1:6 scale mature BJD body was to use a 1:3 scale toddler body and splice forearms/hands and calves/feet on it from a 1:6 scale mature body. However, I recently acquired a 5StarDoll 1:3 scale toddler body with surprisingly delicate hands and feet, so, being an eminently lazy individual, I wondered if I could just swap the 1:6 scale hands and feet onto the 1:3 scale body and call it a day.

This evening, that's what I did. I actually complicated matters a bit by modding the 1:6 scale hands to nest in the 1:3 scale wrist balls and thus provide a slightly smoother transition between the forearms and hands. I just stuck the 1:6 scale feet on the ends of the 1:3 scale legs, though, which is why they are slightly shorter than they should be, as they do not have the extra height provided by the 1:3 scale ankle balls [which were fused to the 1:3 scale feet].

Anyway, the result looks pretty good for about an hour of work, as far as I'm concerned. The ankles need modification, though, as the shapes of the sockets are preventing the feet from standing flat. This particular body also has horribly tight stringing, so it needs to be restrung more loosely. Other than that, it's pretty much good.

Here's a shot of Isabel [on temp body] next to the fat body in progress. It's obviously shorter, which I like, as it adds to the impression of what Isabel would call a "dumpy" shape. Not everyone is elongated and skinny!
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After some minor ankle mods and restringing, this body is good to go. I don't mind the rough modifications, as this will be for Carter, a Zombieville secondary who will not suffer as much scrutiny as Isabel. Now that I know what to do, I can buy another 5StarDoll body and make the appropriate mods with more finesse for her.

The head, on the other hand, will require some work. Below, I mocked up how Isabel might look on her appropriate body. Originally, I thought I would scrape down the neck to fit her head, but we fat people tend to have fat necks, so I'm keeping the neck the size that it is. Therefore, I must adapt the head, intended for a slimmer neck, to accommodate a wider neck.

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I have two options. First, since both Isabel and Carter have faceplates, I can create new headbacks for them that fit the wider necks. Second, I can just use their default heads on top of the narrow necks, disguising any ill fit with hair, clothing and/or strategic photography. I've done this before with LHFer Anneka, whose neck socket was way too wide for her narrow neck. Her choker and her hair [almost shoulder-length] distracted from the discrepancy. I also never shot her from angles where the difference would be apparent. I'm sure I can do something similar for Isabel and Carter. I think I'll try one of their heads on this body after fixing the ankles and restringing it.

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After I posted about beautiful, but expensive, 54mm minifigs, Elizabeth Jr. clued me into the fact that the original Polly Pockets were less than an inch high and therefore approximately in range for 1:6 scale for 1:6ers. I poked around for them ["vintage polly pocket"] on Ebay, but the prices were too high for my liking, at a few dollars per figure. I decided to seek other sources.

I've had success in the past with Homies, who have the added bonus of being hilariously sculpted. Unfortunately, the price of individual Homies seems to have gone up since I last purchased them to by Ellery's dolls, but I have found some alternatives. Vendstock on Ebay sells the following sets that could be useful as a source for female dolls [Isabel, my latest doll nerd, isn't really into male dolls]: American Girl [no, not that American Girl], So Fly Divas and Tomy/Barbie.

Incidentally, Vendstock also sells the latest Domo series. [That's the fuzzy brown rectangle with big teeth that serves as the Japanese TV station NHK's mascot.] I have actually seen this series in local vending machines, where I was amused by the Domo wearing bling. This set also features mustachioed Domo, luchador Domo, Domo with big blocky glasses, Domo with an inner tube, Domo in diapers, devil Domo and Godzilla Domo, who is, of course, bigger than the other Domos. I think I might have to get the set, since Domo has always amused me. ^_^

EDIT: In my search for fat Homies for Isabel's collection of fat dolls, I discovered that there is a Trailer Park series of Homies [Trailer Parkies? :p ]. A majority of the Trailer Parkies are fat, thus playing into the stereotype that people who live in trailer parks are poor, stupid and disgusting. I'm also disturbed that there's only one woman among the Trailer Parkies. Her name is Moo Moo Ma. [Yes, she's fat.] How's that for sexist, anti-fat objectification?!!

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Awesome! I just scored a secondhand 5StarDoll tiny girl body for $80.00 total! It may be for Carter, Isabel's identical twin, or for Isabel, depending on color matching and poseability.

Cores: Fairyland LittleFee in "normal skin" and 5StarDoll tiny in "yellow"

Extremities [forearms, hands, calves and feet]: Lumedoll Lumelight in "normal pink" and Soom Mini Gem in "normal skin"

Somehow, I will get two fat dolls out of these parts. I'm thinking, though, of swapping out the "light pink" Lumelight extremities with Mazzy's "normal yellow" ones. I will then have two cores and two sets of extremities, all with similar yellow undertones.

Blah blah blah!!!

P.S. Isabel and Carter are identical twins because they are monozygotic. They were both assigned female at birth, a designation that Carter eventually rejected. I get the sense that they like to mess with people's heads by referring to themselves as identical twins and then waiting to see who objects, "But male/female pairs can't be identical!" :p

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My Lumedoll Lumelight parts arrived today, so I shot a few mockup photos of my plan for Isabel.

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Fat doll II

Dec. 7th, 2012 11:35 am
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Decided that Carter, Isabel's identical twin brother, is fat too because fat dolls are fun to make. Unless I can get another LittleFee body cheaply, he'll probably have a less expensive body kitbashed on the same principles. I'm not even gonna worry much about resin matching between the forearms, calves and core, as Carter, a tattoo artist, has full sleeve tattoos. :p


Dec. 5th, 2012 01:59 pm
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According to a blog post on Dolls Magazine's Web site, comedian Tina Fey says, "We can thank feminism for two things: we can enter any field of work we desire and fatter dolls."

And yet I'm still wondering where all the fat dolls are...
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...the Lura Project has stalled because fat 1:6 scale zombies are much more fun. In fact, I'm going to put Lura's parts back on the market to fund my question of fat 1:6 scale zombies [assuming the parts sell].

August could also go back on the marketplace. I like her, but not as much as I like the idea of FAT 1:6 SCALE ZOMBIES. I don't regret purchasing her, as her unstrung state gave me my first experience stringing a BJD, thereby making me much more confident in working with BJDs the way that I used to work with 1:6 scale action figures.

In fat 1:6 scale zombie news, I'm thinking that, instead of buying ANOTHER 1:6 scale BJD just to use the forearms, hands, calves and feet from, I can use those from one of my existing Lumedoll Lumelights, Mazzy.

In other 1:6 scale zombie news, Chaz [not fat] is on her way from Batchix! I'm not sure I'll see her before I leave for a week, though. :(
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I r a genius! Last night my brain supplied me with the best idea for making Isabel fat! Basically I would take the torso, abdomen, hips, thighs and upper arms from a 1:3 scale toddler doll and splice them with the forearms, hands, calves and feet from a 1:6 scale adult doll.

For the core of her body, I'm currently considering a Fairyland LittleFee. I'm leaning toward this body because it's very flexible and aesthetically pleasing. It's also pretty popular, so people make clothes specifically for it, which will be an important consideration, since Isabel would probably not fit most of the 1:6 scale clothes I currently have.

For Isabel's forearms, hands, calves and feet, I could go with a variety of options, except for Soom Mini Gem parts, as they are very slender and delicate. If Lumedoll lets me buy just those parts of a Lumelight, I'll go with them. If I have to get a whole body, I'll go with Illusion Spirit Spirit's body because of its cheapitude.

Of course, I'd have to reduce the neck of the LittleFee body and make smooth transitions between the wide upper limbs and the narrower lower limbs, but it's eminently feasible and very exciting!

Fat dolls

Nov. 19th, 2012 02:51 pm
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Whooooaaaa...I just got an interesting idea...I could probably modify some of the same techniques employed here [customizer makes short, fat 1:6 scale action figure] to make a 1:6 scale truly fat BJD!!! I could make Isabel a fat zombie! \o/ \o/ \o/
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This guy over on One Sixth Warriors [OSW] did a bash of a short, fat, wide, round character, Pigsy, who I guess is from a video game. He got into all sorts of molding and sculpting and redoing for metal accessories, joints and headsculpt. I, however, am most interested in his clever use of parts from a baby doll as the base for the torso and limbs. It's such beautiful work!

Now I want to make some fat 1:6 women! The last time I made a short, fat woman, Margie, I started with a 1:6 male fig, shortened the limbs, added a bust with polyfill, carved up and sanded down a male headsculpt for the head and rebuilt the neck out of Sculpey. I enhanced the illusion of great girth by giving her baggy clothes. I loved her, and she was perfectly fine for a minor character, but, as with most of my customs, she was pretty raw, held together with hot glue and swear words.

I want to make more finished and detailed fat 1:6 women now. I'd love to use baby doll parts to give them wide, plush shapes, while trying not to compromise basic articulation. I want to give them actual hair and flattering clothes. Short skirts! Tank tops! Palazzo pants! Form-fitting blouses! [All of which will be very difficult because my sewing skill is limited to crooked hems in a running stitch.] I want to repaint them with lively expressions full of character. I want them to hang around my shelves being bad-ass and awesome!

Fat LHFers

Feb. 20th, 2009 01:11 pm
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On the subject of fat dolls, D7ana informs me of Play Along's 2007 Tracy and Edna Turnblad dolls, which were actually fat, not to mention really cute. I do like regular Tracy's '60s flip, as well as her big smile, but I don't want to get a doll without a character. That being said, I clearly need more fat people in LHF.

I count the following characters as fat: Andrew, Rori, Justine and Margie. Gemini might also be fat, but it's difficult to tell what's going on underneath her incredibly baggy clothes.

I got the genius idea last night to make ZaeZae fat, or, more specifically, to try out my new fats-sculpting technique on her: namely, adding fat to a headsculpt, rather than carving fats out of it, the way that I did with Margie. Adding fats to ZaeZae's head won't be a problem, although she will require a complete repaint to blend the Sculpey-colored fats in with her skin tone. Making her body fats may be more difficult, as she is currently on a stalk-like articulated Barbie body.

I also got the genius idea this morning to sculpt fats onto my forthcoming Alicia doll. Her default Martha Jones body is more robust than an articulated Barbie, so this might be easier than enlarging ZaeZae.

EDIT: Making fats for Alicia may be easier than making fats for ZaeZae, as Alicia's neck connector is at the base of her neck [rather than under her chin], allowing me to make chin fats that will not impede her neck articulation.
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Latinworks made a series of ads for, each depicting sedentary, fat versions of childhood toys, surrounded by the detritus of junk food. The tagline is "Keep obesity away from your child." Yup...because we all know that fat is a horrible contagious disease invading from outside, and body shape and weight have nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with sitting around and stuffing your face, and, with enough willpower, you can enforce skinniness! Besides its misinformed, moralizing scare tactics directed towards weight, the version below the cut also features a problematic reshaping of a fashion doll body, a plastic icon already well analyzed for its vexed cultural messages. Nasty, misogynist, anti-fat piece of drivel.

I do want that doll, though, as well as some of the fat little Playmobil pirates seen in another ad in the series. This series makes me think that I should try again to make a fat doll. My first fat doll, Margie, came out pretty well, but I couldn't sculpt fats on her because I didn't have the right modeling compound. Now that I have some Sculpey, I can add fats to a doll's head and body!   Beware! Eeeeeeevil fats! )
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Here are the results of another lazy project of mine. I was going to make Margie, Absinthe's foster mother, as a complete, separate doll, but I got bored, so I just finished her head and stuck it on Davry's body. I redressed Davry's body and gave Margie some breasts made out of polyfill under her shirt. Voila.

Margie is posing next to Mark because Mark represents what Margie's head looked like before I started work on it. To make Mark's headsculpt into Margie's, I carved down the forehead and the brow ridges. I also narrowed the nose and chopped a lot off the tip. I took a lot of width out of the jaw and the chin. Then I sanded with 220 grit sandpaper until most of the nicks from my crappy carving were sanded out. I gave Margie a new paint job mostly with pastels, painted her hair and made her a bun from Barbie hair.

I have now successfully made a dumpy, homely character!Read more... )

Fat doll

Sep. 29th, 2008 09:34 am
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One thing that pisses me off about 1:6 dolls is the lack of variety in body shapes. In terms of easily available bodies for fems, you've got the Cy Girl shape [curvy, busty and hippy], the Barbie shape [scrawny and pointily boobular] and the Obitsu shape [slim and roundedly boobular]. However, the average woman is pear-shaped, therefore best approximated by a wider Cy Girl pulled down by gravity. Thus, I have no average-shaped women in my cast, though I do like to make them meaty and broad in the beam by using CG bodies as a base for most.

Not only do I have no really average-shaped women in my cast, but I have no fat women! I mean, God forbid that anyone make a doll with a double chin, wide neck, saggy tummy rolls, massive thighs and jiggly upper arms! I would totally get one.

Since no company I know makes fem dolls with realistic fats, I have to make one myself. She's going to be a minor character, Absinthe's sort-of foster mother, Margie, a mortal Native American hairdresser whose last name escapes me at the moment, but it's something French-Canadian, I think.

I'm thinking that I will use a male body, probably a Dragon one, for the base, since that will provide some bulk across the chest, arms and legs. I'm also thinking that her breasts and her fats around the upper arms, upper legs and torso can be created by cotton batting. The cotton batting will create the appropriate girth, while also being compressible and thus poseable.

As for Margie's head, I'm looking for a headsculpt that's full and round already. CG02 [Jet/Kat/Sky] is a possibility. Mattel's Rosie O'Donnell doll is also a possibility, but I really don't like that stupid smile of hers. I'm sure there are some male sculpts that could work with a little carving. [I many of the male sculpts have HUGE schnozzes.]



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