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Use the coupon code HUMBUG when you buy the book of LHF Season 1 for 10% off. That makes the download version only $4.50! How can you resist? Answer: You can't.
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Hello LHF readers and fans! Season 1 is now available in print form! Just think of it...a book for your favorite doll soap opera!

You can buy a print or a download copy right here at Love Has Fangs

Why should you buy it?

1. Support 1:6 storytelling!
2. It's better than the online version. See below!

Being undead is the least of Anneka Richardson's problems. There's her 140-year-old boyfriend, Will, who borrows her makeup, the weirdo customers she encounters at her bookstore job and, to top it off, her beloved grandmother's slow death by Alzheimer's.

The first season of Elizabeth A. Allen's online comic Love Has Fangs finally appears in book form. It's all here -- the vampires, the melodrama and the pink hair -- in your favorite doll soap opera with bite.

This collection gathers together all episodes of Love Has Fangs: Season 1 as you've never seen them before. This is the new, improved version, better than what you've read online.

Episodes reshot for consistency
Tighter editing for better story flow
High-quality photos, better than those online, for fine-grained detail

Thanks for the comments, mouse clicks and patronage over the years!
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melopoeia advertised LHF in general on March 8th, saying:

So I haven't been keeping up with any of the webcomics I enjoy except for xkcd and Wondermark for a while and I just went back to check on Love Has Fangs, which is about the adventures of fabulous intellectual queer vampires (think David Bowie, amazing clothes, Baudelaire references, bits of French & Latin, bloodsucking, zombies, wry humor that puts Joss Whedon to shame, as well as deep interpersonal relationships and dealing with grief) in the Boston area.

Then she made a note about 4.8, Gaudeamus Igitur, on March 10th, saying:
The culmination of a plot, in a graveyard. Best strip yet. Ok, I won't push this anymore but...this one is unique.

4.8 Gaudeamus Igitur

That we all have these stories inside us are why books like The Graveyard Book do so well. We don't just love vampires and ghosts.

We are and we carry within us vampires and ghosts.

D7ana and I have been talking about the magnifying glass "lazy lenses." On March 10th, she posted about her own experiments with magnifying glasses, but she started off addressing her entry to me:
First, I want to applaud your close-up photos of Anneka and her grandmother in the Love Has Fangs chapter, "4.8: "Gaudeamus Igitur". The clarity of the close-ups enhanced the story and drew this reader briefly into the intimate world of Anneka and her grandmother. The magnifying glass "trick" transcends trick status when it renders such detailed photos. ...

An aside here, but your aged your grandmother figure is admirable. I would guess you used wax and paint to convey her chapped lips and weathered skin? Excellent job. Gives a genuine, aged look without making old, caricature.

Thanks, guys. 4.8 has been extremely well-received by all readers.
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I now post LHF eps on this blog, on MWD, on FN, on OSAFB and, when I remember, on Facebook. Comments and praise have spiked recently, especially for Will's My Sorry Relationship plotline, universally hailed as hilarious. People also really like Anneka's plotline about going back up to Vermont and seeing her family; apparently this is sad, emotionally engaging and compelling.

As measured by sheer volume of comments, my most popular eps are:
  • Meanwhile 7: When Zombies Attack! (16)
  • Meanwhile 8: Zombie in the Diner!! (12)
  • Meanwhile 9: Zombie in the Library (12)
  • 4.5: My Sorry Relationship I (12)
  • 4.6: Gift of Sunsets (12)
  • Meanwhile 3: Yummy Summer (11)
  • 3.9: The Revenant (10)
  • Meanwhile 13: Materyllis' Pesky Pussy (10)
  • 1.1: Domestic Vampires (9)
  • Meanwhile 4: The Vampire FAQ (9)
  • Dead Girl's Diary 1: Irredeemable Mind (9)
I'm not sure that I can draw a lot of conclusions from these, but I do see some interesting trends.
  • Zinnia Pascale [directly responsible for the success of Meanwhiles 7, 8 and 9, as well as 3.9] is the most popular character I have ever created. There's just something about a crochety, ass-kicking Fruits zombie....
  • Light, humorous interstitials inevitably garner the most positive response.
  • That said, the popularity of Irredeemable Mind and Gift of Sunsets shows that a majority of the audience appreciates introspective, emotionally charged eps full of character development.
  • Most of the most popular eps are from recent seasons, suggesting that the dolls are much more liked than the 3-D models and also that LHF is gaining readers as it goes.

Go me!
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Who pays attention to this shit anyway?

Hair Color
Black: 9
Pink: 6
Brown: 6
Red: 5
Blond: 4
Grey: 4
Blue: 1
White: 1

I want to paint at least Zinnia Pascale's ponytails pink. Then pink will be firmly in second place.

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Taking my numbers from this summary of the LHF cast, I figured out some interesting stats about them. What's the average LHF character? )
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In a sea of dispiriting news, there remains a minuscule atoll of good tidings. LHF is publicized every ep on Men With Dolls, Fantasy Net, this here blog and, when I remember, my Facebook page. Some of them I put on Pukey's too. From what I can tell, people like it. Right now I have 45 eps up with 207 comments, which averages to 4.6 per ep. This is not counting the anonymous kudos that the eps get on MWD. [Much to my frustration, I don't know WHO leaves the kudos.] I should count pageviews on MWD and FN and get some rough stats.
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Using an automatic generator of informative and aesthetically pleasing tag clouds, I ran some seasons of LHF through Wordle...just the dialog, though.Read more... )
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[personal profile] sailorzeo suggested on the LHF site that I redo some of the 9 seasons of LHF that I did with dolls in order to re-establish the characters' back stories in this reboot of LHF. The mere thought of redoing those tons of stories fills me with exhaustion, but I think judicious use of flashbacks could help. Following is a list of things that I'd like to flash back to:
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And LHF is live! Or dead! Or undead. Anyway, the first ep is up, in which Anneka and Will are getting along swimmingly. HAR! Go see. Leave a comment on the site. Remember, you can follow the LHF feed at .

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For a ton of just-added character sketches, please visit the cast page to link to them all. Each sketch contains a mini cartoon to enliven the dull biographical details. I made too many to count, so just head over and flip through them. Then leave a comment. I fixed it so that you can leave comments now.

[personal profile] sailorzeo is now on my list of known readers, which also includes damsel_ophelia, dollsahoy, batchix, freak42 and stevie_stever! That makes 6. Hooray!

Remember -- you can add LHF to your friends list by following its feed here: --

I started off with 12 subscribers [from a previous iteration of LHF], and now I'm up to 15. Perhaps some of my known readers are subscribing...

Incidentally, [personal profile] sailorzeo gave me a friendly shout-out in her blog today, in which she admits, "I'm fairly excited to see what new stories she'll be telling." I'm excited too!
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Now you can leave comments on my comics! Go to to find and comment on the latest eps.

Remember -- you can also add LHF to your LJ feeds so it appears conveniently on your friends list:
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To add Love Has Fangs eps to your LJ, go here and add the feed address to your friends list.

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Awwww yeah, I have 5 readers now: damsel_ophelia, dollsahoy, batchix, freak42 and stevie_stever!

And, just so I don't lose it, here's my open ticket requesting an update to the LJ feed for LHF.
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1. I link to updates from here, the Blog of Stench.
2. I link to updates on my Deviant Art account.
3. I post links in the Digital Dolls section of Men With Dolls.
4. I signed up for transcription services with, but I can't figure it out.

1. Get someone with a paid account to make an LJ RSS feed for LHF.
2. Announce new eps in Commons on Daz boards.
3. Tell Burlington Doll Club.

So far I have 4 known readers:

[personal profile] batchix
[profile] damsel_ophelia[personal profile] dollsahoy
[profile] freak42
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Next Monday [my birthday], I am rebooting my sardonic soap opera of sex, death and very pointy teeth: Love Has Fangs. Follow the adventures of Anneka, a recent convert to the undead, and Will, her much older and not-at-all-wiser boyfriend. The weirdness begins on Monday, May 5th. Watch the following space: Nothing there yet, but there will be soon.
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 ...primarily to bother other artists when new eps of LHF come out. I refuse to put pictures over there because they have some mushy TOS that could possibly construed as them saying they have the rights to stuff you put on the site. Anyway, this is me if you want to bookmark me or track me or do whatever the hell it is deviants do over there.
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 These are my ideas so far for publicizing LHF. Does anyone have any more?

biz cards
updates here
updates at Daz boards
upload to Renderosity
Deviant Art account and updates there
LJ feed
announce at Men With Dolls :p domain
Vampires do it in cold blood T-shirts
transcripts at
ads on other Web comics [hmmmmm...]
those goddamned comics rating sites
get interviewed for Web sites
tables at Arisia and Anime Boston [scary!]
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LHF now updates every Monday. No more Tuesday/Thursday updates. I want to focus on quality, rather than quantity. Check out the horny robot in today's ep.
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My attempt to Frankenstein the aforementioned skinny body for Will failed. The muscular arms looked out of proportion to the narrow torso. Also the torso was too short. I moved Will back to a body type much like his Dragon body [sigh]. None of these changes have shaken his attraction to his tragically pink and gold cowboy boots. ~_~

I did, however, save the disproportionate body. I decided that it would be perfect for a male character who uses a wheelchair. [Thus his arms would be bulked up from wheeling the chair, while his paralyzed legs would be slender.] Since I have a male character that I want to embody, Max, I decided that Anneka's dad would get the body I Frankensteined two nights ago. Since I painted his face last night, I just need to give him hair before he can break his invisibility and appear on camera. [Hey Max...stop hiding in the bathroom and flushing your pills!!]

Oh yeah...and I need to get Max a wheelchair. Fortunately he's narrow enough to fit in a Barbie wheelchair...

Pictures later.

Note to self: Make a banner for trade with Action Figure Diary. [If you haven't seen it, go read it. It contains 1:6 action figures in silly escapades, along with their human owners. Gentle and witty, with great character development.]

Also sign up for, not only for publicity, but also for easy storage of transcriptions.
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Last night I developed two LHF T-shirts. My unofficial survey of two people reveals that they look pretty good! :D

Design 1 just shows the comic's URL.

Design 2, which I'm really proud of, says "Vampires do it in cold blood," then the URL below.

If you spend over $20.00 [hint: black shirts are $21.00] in the next week, you can use the following coupon code for $5.00 off: MOTIFMETHOD. [Coupon code expires June 11.] So spread the LHF love...affordably!

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We now have our very own LJ feed for easy addition to your friends list. Go here and add meeeeee!

Since I just created it, entries may take a while to appear. But there is a special bonus ep up, so you can always go to and see it.

EDIT: As of 2:00 PM, 7 people have added the LHF feed to their friends lists. Be one of the cool crowd! Add it!

EDIT: As of 3:00 PM, it's up to 12!

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If you have no idea what Love Has Fangs is all about, bite off  what you can chew NOW with the post season 5 interlude, beginning today. Learn what all those dead people are up to and why you should care. [Note: it involves lesbians, pink hair and vampires...that's why! :p Even pink-haired lesbian vampires!]

Check out Vignette 1, in which our charming protagonists square off in a game of Who Has The Most Dysfunctional Life?

Don't forget to gimme some love and leave a comment [over on Love Has Fangs, not here].

Oh yeah...and tell your friends. This comic has got something for everyone [well, mostly everyone]. If you're a fantasy lover, it's got vampires and ghosts. If you're a sci-fi lover, it's got mad scientists and cyborgs. If you're a doll lover or action figure freak, you can watch me try to pose my characters realistically. If you're a photographer, you can criticize my simple sets and painfully amateur photoing techniques.  If you're a lover of drama, I've got more storylines going here than an average hour-long show on the WB. And if you're a writer,'s not that badly written either.

Note to all you BJD lovers: I'm gonna suck you in too...just you wait... Stay tuned for the drama with the creepy vampire-killing character... Heh heh heh! Then I can legitimately pimp out post about Love Has Fangs on DOA.

P.S. Please leave a comment on the Love Has Fangs site!

P.P.S. Watch for T-shirts.



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