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In light of several impending 1:6 scale BJDs [Novella, Theophany, possibly Soom Asis], I'm again examining my list of 1:6ers in storage to see if I can detach from a few. I have listed 3 that might go: AJ Regular [as opposed to Steampink AJ], Michaela, Tituba and Sarah.

AJ Regular [last photo] and Tituba [the one with the bonnet] are hanging around mostly because I love the CG02 headsculpt best of all. I also have a sentimental attachment to AJ specifically, as she was my first Cy Girl, and she reminds me of Sarah from Labyrinth. I already have another AJ, Steampink, so I could let AJ Regular go, but then I wouldn't have AJ in a form reminiscent of the one that inspires such nostalgia. Sigh. I guess AJ Regular is staying after all.

As for Tituba, she's also a CG02, but not AJ. She's a Destiny [light tan headsculpt and short hair, as opposed to slightly darker tan and long red hair a la Blaze] on a modded articulated Barbie body. Bye bye!

And Sarah...she's such a cutie [I use this phrase so much that it has probably been evacuated of meaning], and I really enjoyed making her and sticking her in LHF. I do not, however, have as much of an attachment to her as to other members of the Pink Squad [LHFers with pink hair]. Bye, Sarah.

As for Michaela [on the right], she just bugs me. I keep her because she was important in an earlier iteration of LHF, but I liked that version better. Her current head has a washed-out faceup, and she's on an irritatingly floppy Volks Dollfie Plus body. Bye, Michaela.
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Kinjou, who, along with Andrea, is also God, sent me many wonderful 1:6 things, which I received today. Various LHFers immediately claimed some of the clothes. Here they are:

Will's sweatshirt and skirt come from a Takara Jenny doll. Stupendously, he fit! Davry and Sarah both have goggles from a Takara Jenny friend doll. Gemini wears an overshirt from a My Scene Masquerade boxer outfit and My Scene male shoes. Sibley wears a nasty jacket from a My Scene Masquerade rock star outfit. Dom's white shoulder sash is a scarf from a Takara Jenny friend. He also is wearing a strap on his leg [not shown] from some belt. Sarah is sitting on some sort of dresser/chair convertible plastic piece of furniture from a dollar store. Read more... )
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This weekend, I removed ZaeZae's original brownish hair and gave her a braid of purple and pink yarn attached to a new scalp of pink pulled-back hair. I also made her spectacles out of 20 gauge brass wire.

In other pink news, the pink count should eventually increase by 5:
  • I still need to remove Pippilotta's current hair and replace it with a sculpted scalp and wired yarn, of course!
  • Come to think of it, Marabou would look fabulous with a really deep magenta hair color similar to Andrew's!!
  • If I give Janet pink hair, then a majority of the core cast and most frequent secondaries will have pink hair. ^_^
  • UberBarbie is making me a fabulous teen boy with pink hair.
  • Susie was supposed to have pink hair, but I had such a fight with her current red wig that I have temporarily given up on changing her hair.

Pink Squad as of now.

Standing, back row, L to R: Davry, ZaeZae, Andrew, Anneka, Will, Rori, Sibley.

Sitting, second-to-front row, L to R: Baozha, Sarah.

Lying, front row, L to R: Zinnia Pascale.
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Let's see...what's the recipe for this doll?

1 Triad Otaku head
1 standard Barbie torso
2 CG 1.0 arms
2 CG 1.0 hands
1 27cm Obitsu pelvis
2 27cm Obitsu pelvis legs
1 repaint by Corsetkitten
1 head of hair from fake pink fur wig
1 Flavas baseball cap
1 set goggles from some war dolly
1 Uneeda sweatshirt
1 Antique Dreaming Momoko apron
1 pair Yu Sai Wa Wa capris
1 pair Medicom Fujiko bootfeet

Stylistically, Sarah is obviously related to Pippilotta and Rori. She's not mismatching enough to launch into fabulosity the way that Zinnia Pascale is, but she has enough unusual elements to her outfit to make her look decidedly odd.

I don't really like Sarah's shoes; they don't go with the rest of her outfit. I also need to weather her face.   Read more... )
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Sarah is an experiment in doll Frankensteining. She has a Triad Otaku head, painted by the lovely and talented Corsetkitten, a Barbie upper torso, CG 1.0 arms and hands and Obitsu legs, all held together with my trusty friends hot glue and electrical tape.

All I know about her so far is what I see. Given her expression, she is shy, anxious, inquisitive and very soft-spoken. Given her very broad shoulders and narrow waist and legs, she is a no-op trans girl. Given her barely matching outfit, she has no fashion sense, but that's not really a character trait because almost no one in the LHF universe matches. She reminds me of Jennifer Connelly from the movie Labyrinth; Connelly played a character named Sarah, hence the name.

Sarah, Sarah
Storms are brewin' in your eyes
Sarah, Sarah
No time is a good time for goodbye

--Sarah, by Starship

Nothing to do with Sarah here, but I've been singing it to myself as I've worked on her.

I call her a work in progress because I need to replace her hair with pink awesomeness...or add pink awesomeness to the existing brown. A character this beautiful needs pink hair!!!  We're fire and ice; the dream won't come true... )
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Corsetkitten and I are doing a trade in which we each think that we're getting the better end of the deal. She's getting some stuff that she wants, and I'm getting Birthday Party Fun from the Re-ment American Kitchen set and a beautiful Otaku repaint by CorsetKitten. The default Otaku looks stoned, but CK's repaint gives her an inquisitive look with expressive eyebrows and a slightly open mouth. She has loads more personality. She has no planned character in the LHF universe, but I couldn't resist her charm.



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