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"I don't have any Momoko outfits, but I've heard they fit (small bust).
Also most Barbie clothes can fit except those made for the new Basic
line which is very slender (Liv dolls clothing, Pullip, and some action
figure female clothing fit too!). The Barbie Basic line male clothes
look like they might be a good fit for the slim Lumedoll body (Liv dolls
have a new boy out that looks slim enough as well...and he can be found
at places like Target!)."
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We had lots of different kinds of dolls at doll club today! Everyone wanted to know about Sarah and thought that her doll, Precious Little, was cute. Read more... )

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A family photo occasions Jennifer's new body, a DML Eve 1.5. The DML 1.5 body, much more robust and bigger than the original Momoko body, makes Jennifer's head look slightly smaller, but I think this adds to the impression of her being a mature woman with kind of a baby face.

L to R: Jareth, Jennifer, Frank. Read more... )
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She looks like she's star-gazing from my desk, swinging her legs. :D Read more... )
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Here are 1:6 versions of three-quarters of the characters in my head (left to right): Jareth, Jennifer and Frank. Doll of me not included because it doesn't have a head. Interestingly enough, the dolls don't really look like the characters, but they accurately capture their moods: Jareth serious and shy, Jennifer energetic and innocent, Frank playful and sex-obsessed.

Jennifer, who is a Momoko, came in today, so her arrival occasioned these portraits.Read more... )

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Now that I have my Dom doll back in commission, I'd like to get a doll of Geordie, his niece. She was originally an Elfdoll 17cm Jin dal Rae, but she wasn't very poseable, so I got rid of her. As much as I'd love to get a 1:6 toddler BJD, I don't have the money for that right now, so I'm brainstorming alternatives.

Obitsu 21cm with reduced arms, legs and torso. This body would satisfy my need for articulation, but I'm looking for something about half this height, 5" at max.

Mattel Kelly/Tommy doll. These are the appropriate size, but their articulation is crap, and they all have disturbing smiles.

Sekiguchi Mame Momoko. These dolls are the right size, with minimal articulation like Kellys, but their clothes can be realistic [see the Street Kids Mame for example], and I find their simplified faces much more charming than Kellys'.

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Even with high EMS shipping rates, Japanese BIC Co.'s prices on parted out Momokos are very reasonable.
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After learning that the auction for the Momoko I wanted was pulled, I entered a Paypal claim for the full amount of my payment. This weekend, after the seller did not respond within the allotted period, I got a refund of the full payment, thanks to the Paypal Protection Policy or whatever it's called. I'm annoyed that I did not get the doll, but grateful to have the $82.00 back to put toward my credit card, which still has an outstanding balance because of last month's doll-buying orgy. I'm not sure I'll be trying again for a Momoko, unless someone's just selling her head.
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Ebay says:

We're writing to let you know that the listing for the following item you bid on has been removed:
220328898257 - Sekiguchi Momoko Berry Hunter NRFB 27cm fashion doll

What does that mean? Does that mean I'm not getting my dolly?? :(
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Here's a photo of Berry Hunter Momoko, the one that I bought. Of all the Momokos I've seen, her outfit and hairstyle seem the most practical. Her appearance communicates to me that she is a slouchy, carefree nerd concerned more with comfort than with stylishness. She is recycling her dad's old hat, her mom's old eyeglass frames and her younger brother's rugby shirt. I bet she likes music and books that were popular 25 to 50 years ago, not because she's a vampire from that period, but because she is not in tune with modern pop culture. She did not grow up with a TV or a computer. She likes big band music! ^_^ Her name is Parker Stanley. People who meet her often think she is a hipster, but she has only a vague idea of what a hipster is. She is a shy, smiley person with a great fascination for the physical artifacts of modern technology. You can often find her staring at cell phones, mice, remote controls and calculators with a dissective, curious eye. Parker! )
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I ordered a Wanted Action Figures Hugh Laurie head for Ethan. Woo hoo!

I also ordered a Momoko, after weeks of shopping around to discover the lowest price at which I could get a complete doll + outfit that I actually wanted [as opposed to the cheapest possible doll + outfit that I wasn't necessarily interested in]. Answer: I found a complete Berry Hunter on Ebay for $82.00, $20.00 of which is shipping from Japan.

Unlike Ethan, the Momoko does not have a name or a personality, but, given her shorter size, she is either a mortal teenager or someone who died <21. She might be a member of Cory's very new clan of displaced, mixed-race vampires, the Half-and-Halfs. She may also be a member of the Chinese vampire clan, the Hun. She may be one of those "hot Irma girls" that Pippilotta flirts with. Or she may be a character whose role I have not thought up yet.
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Sideshow's upcoming entry in the Dead line is a zombie priest entitled The Harbinger. I must say that, while Sideshow's record for 1:6 likenesses stinks, they do a great job on The Dead. I love my Dead Babysitter [who became Zinnia Pascale], and I really like the Harbinger too. His hand sculpts look arthritic and bony, and his drawn face and rolling eyes accurately reflect a despair that I think much more pertinent to zombies than slavering rage. Sideshow really has to start making their zombies lose ears, though. I don't understand how this guy's brain became exposed without him getting an ear or two torn off.

I'm tempted to get this guy for Ethan [the poor man is having such a problem being immortalized in plastic!], but I'd rather not wait an untold number of months before he comes out. His release date is Q1 2009, but toymakers are never on time.

I've been contemplating the creation of my own Ethan, but my current materials always daunt me. I don't have an appropriate sculpting medium, just the remnants of some peach Sculpey and some rotten air-dry clay that won't adhere to existing heads. I have a resin skull that could conceivably be the base for Ethan's cadaverous visage, but that involves building up features, and I'm much better at scraping out features by using an Xacto knife or sandpaper.

Maybe I should just get an unpainted resin sculpt and shave it down. The prominent brows, sunken eyes, dour mouth and narrow cheeks of Hugh Laurie could work, as seen in this sculpt by Wanted Action Figure.

On the subject of Wanted Action Figure, maybe I should get a Johnny Depp head too. I've been toying with the idea of remaking Will with an appropriately scrawny body, but that would require getting him a new head, since his current one is already way too fragile. The Depp sculpt approximates his features best. Now if I could just find a body that's as etoliated as the Obitsu Slim Male, but with slightly broader shoulders... Jesus Christ, it'd probably be best just to modify a PB or a CG 2.0!

I STILL have a hard-on for Medicom's Young Indiana Jones because my mind thinks River Phoenix=Will. I wish I weren't so interested in it, because I'm sure that there's something disappointing about the sculpt that the prototype photos don't show.

Hot Toys is issuing a beautiful 1:6 Edward Scissorhands soon. I want its clothes. The fact that I could probably get a likeness of Will out of the head doesn't hurt either.

Sekiguchi's Momokos continue to tantalize me. I draw very close to purchasing one, but then I always cheap out because I don't have a designated character for such a doll, who costs a lot, even on sale. That said, I have found Miracle Party Girl, Wild and Sexy Tune, Dash After School, Sweet Poodle, Lovely Folklore and Berry Hunter for <$100 with s/h. Too bad I want Sea Maze/Blue Labyrinth/whatever the hell she's called.
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Andrea sold me the Antique Dreaming Momoko outfit for Little Will. Here's a link to the doll displaying the outfit. Unfortunately, the doll is not included in my purchase. However, the outfit includes a long-sleeved, somber dress, a pinafore and BLOOMERS! [Also socks and shoes.] I'm very excited about the bloomers, which make the outfit that much more stupendous. I really should take a whack out of Little Will's legs and make his hair more Victorian [e.g., ringlets].

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I've found my cut-off point beyond which I think a 1:6 doll is not worth the price: $100. Even dolls that hit the $100 mark make me pause. Unfortunately, there are several dolls in the $100+ category that I've been coveting for years, but which I can't really justify the cost of.

1. Momoko. Her neat little engaging face has always charmed me. I like the ones with dark hair and subdued makeup. I really like Mama Told Me [available at Junky Spot], but she's $160, $100 of which seems to be for the doll itself and $60 for the outfit. I'm NOT paying that much for an outfit, no matter how attractive it is, if it can't fit more than one of my dolls. Of all the dolls on this list, it is most probable that I will eventually get a Momoko, especially if I can find one nude <$70.

2. Sakurana. It's the side-glancing eyes and the little smirk that get me. She looks like she's up to something devious. Deviousness does not come cheap, though, because her price ranges between $140 and $160 [available at Manika]. Sigh...I have a weakness for smirky dollies.

3. Misaki. Integrity Toys only releases these Fashion Royalty dolls in limited editions, which drives up the price even more. I like the Misaki headsculpt in general, with its strong jawline and overblown lips, but I'm particularly enamored of Posh Girl Misaki, with her smart tailored outfit, stylized freckles and dark lips. However, she's north of $200 [also available at Manika at the same link as Sakurana].



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