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Her vibrant pink, knotty hair looks like the 1:1 equivalent of my 1:6 scale action figure Anneka's. As cool as I find the color of Wachowski's hair, I seriously query her white woman's appropriation of dreadlocks. >_>
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I just found a cool new podcast, 99% Invisible, and kicked off my listening with the ep "Feet of Engineering," all about high-heeled shoes.

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...with flame fringe on the kirtle sleeves and bellbottoms, not to mention the neckline that plunges somewhere into the region of the crotch. That certain type of person is Freddie Mercury.

On the other hand, if you're looking for someone to wear a striped vinyl jumpsuit with integrated platform shoes and a similar neckline, you're looking for David Bowie.

And if you're looking for someone whose idea of smashing constitutes a purple Rococo pompadour, a feathered ruff, skin-tight pants and thigh-high ballet boots, just hang in there -- I'm rendering him tonight. :p 
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I redid Béatrice's faceup over the past few days, as well as her hair. She used to have a faceup in unsealed Prismacolor colored pencil and no hair at all. Her faceup wore away with handling, however. I also found her blindingly white skin difficult to photograph. To cut down on the amount of blindingly white skin she shows, I made her a coordinating wig when I redid her faceup.

Faceup consists of the following: brown watercolor pencil for eyebrows, lashes and shading around nose, neon purple over neon pink acrylic for eyeshadow, neon pink with neon purple line for mouth, pink colored pencil for blush. Wig is faux fur with a blue 1" base, originally with 3" pink and purple spikes. I trimmed the spikes down to 1" as well and gave Béatrice bangs.

Everyone in Zombieville achieves a minimum level of loud tackiness, but Béatrice is especially loud and flamboyant. I mean, she wears neon lipstick, for shit's sake! She also chooses, as a cancer survivor who has lost her hair to radiation, to wear a tricolor wig. Plus she is actually really loud and pushy, in part because she is used to being literally overlooked.

She still needs her chandelier earrings.

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One was Bering Lusk, my Harumika mannequin who went to visit Andrea a while, then came back when I decided that Isabel needed a lifesize doll. I discovered that Bering's arms popped out of their sockets, so I was able to dress her in actual clothes, as opposed to the strange tuck-and-wrap fabrics she was sold with.Read more... )
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Erica's end of a trade -- a bunch of commissioned clothes for Isabel -- arrived earlier this week. Forthwith, pictures of selected items.
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Hmmm, I appear to have acquired 7 Groovy Girls and their closet off of craigslist at $2.50 per item. The dolls do not come in the closet. They are definitely out of the closet.

I am purchasing them to see if their clothes fit my fat dolls. If they do, hooray, more meretricious clothes for Isabel and friends. If they don't, they'll hit Ebay, unless they tell me they're too cute to go, which Groovy Girls have a way of doing. >_>

Washed-out pictures from seller below.   Read more... )
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Awesomeness has been achieved! The light blue reflects light, rather than eating it, while the added color makes him look more cheerful. Such an improvement from the black T-shirt!

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Check out this doll inspired by Dr. Seuss illustrations. She's theoretically an interpretation of the palette from The Lorax, hence the name Truffula.

I like everything about the outfit, but the doll itself bores me to tears. Her hair should be either a gravity-defying, multi-tiered sculpture or some wild mess of tricolored faux fur [or a gravity-defying sculpture of faux fur with an explosion on the top]. Her makeup is way too flat and subdued, and her bug eyes do her no favors whatsoever. Snore.

This is the sort of outfit that I would purchase and then use as the centerpiece for a custom doll. That will never happen, however, because I am never getting into 1:4 scale. NEVER!

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I have a few people with whom I am trading stuff for clothes for Isabel, so I figure that I should consolidate all the information about her measurements and style in one place for convenient reference.

Isabel is a 1:6 scale resin BJD made of an Elfdoll Doona Ryung head on a modded 5StarDoll tiny girl body. 5StarDoll's measurements for that body are all still the same on Isabel; I just reduced the length of her neck and tapered it a bit at the top.

The only significant difference besides the neck is that Isabel has breasts, but they are made by stuffing tissues in a cropped tank top, which means that they are compressible and do not add much to her chest circumference. If you need any other measurements from me, please let me know!

For comparison's sake, tops and jackets for male action figures fit her well, especially if stretchy or baggy. Pants/Leggings for female action figures fit, but only if they are really stretchy. If it helps, I have a post showing her in some clothing made for "regular-size" 1:6ers.

Like most of my favorite dolls, Isabel adheres to my signature style. You can find a discussion and examples of this style here. Other sources of inspiration may be found in Motylalka's Etsy shop [I love the stuff with pink, green, yellow and orange!] and Manhattan Toy's line of Groovy Girls, who know how to make multiple patterns work!

Isabel wears the following:
  • tank tops
  • vests
  • T-shirts
  • arm warmers
  • short skirts to mid-thigh
  • leggings, lots of leggings
  • legwarmers to knees
  • things that stretch
She does not wear any of the following:
  • white
  • sheer tops
  • low-cut tops
This is because she has a red cropped tank top for a bra, and I don't want her bra to be visible through her shirts! [Bra straps can be visible, though, if she's wearing a tank top.]

Just remember...bright...stretchy...patterned...obnoxious! You can't go wrong! :p

Doll news!

Jan. 15th, 2013 10:02 am
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1. I did not win the Soom Auber I put in for. Fine, all the more money for FAT DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. I'm trading Sarah [Souldoll Shiva-G who has been sitting on the DOA marketplace since mid-August] to Isabeau for two elaborate outfits for -- who else? -- Mr. Pointyhead McDemandypants, who is out of his mind with glee.

3. I just scored a second 5StarDoll tiny girl body for Isabel from the DOA marketplace. It wasn't as ridiculously cheap as the first one, which was like $80.00 shipped, I think. This one was ~$120.00 shipped, which would have been the price + s/h from Denver Doll, but without the indeterminate wait time. It's actually not just a body that I'm buying this time, but a whole doll, meaning that a head is included. I have no use for the head, so I'll sell it off, which will essentially reduce the second body to the price I paid for the first.

I have now acquired two 5StarDoll bodies for the price that I paid for the Fairyland LittleFee body. I sure wish that LittleFee body would sell, as I have half a mind to acquire MORE 5StarDoll bodies and make more than two fat dolls!

4. I decided that Isabel, like all my major characters, rocks my signature style, marked by her own preferences. She especially likes leggings and dresses/tops in this style. [In fact, the colors and patterns in that dress are perfect for Zombieville!] Leggings for 1:3 scale toddler dolls are incredibly cheap on Etsy, so I plan to buy a bunch with which I can easily create new combos. As for tops, I'd love to work with Motylalka [maker of the pink/lime dress], sending her Isabel's body [or at least measurements] so she could make a few wonderful pieces that would be guaranteed to fit Isabel.

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As I have mentioned many times before, the first 1:6 scale BJD I ever loved was Soom's Mini Gem Uyoo. I went through several cycles of acquiring her and getting rid of her, ultimately always unable to resist her big-eyed, wondering expression.

At this point in my life, I've realized that Uyoo is the BJD equivalent of Takara CG02. I have an unreasonable attachment to this headsculpt, which leads me to own multiple exemplars. Just as I have a default AJ, I also have a default Uyoo, that is, one with the Soom faceup: Theophany [the annoying]. Just as I have an altered AJ, Steampink, so I also have a customized Uyoo, Novella, my Romantic one, that I faceupped. I also currently have a third Uyoo, MacKenzie, a Quite Rabbit LE who is up for sale on the DOA marketplace and who has never appeared except in whole-population shots.

Anyway, here are my two Uyoos from the same universe, i.e., Zombieville. On the left is Novella, a Romantic Uyoo in white skin, faceup and wig by me, outfit by the grab bag with help from Andrea.  On the right is Theophany [the annoying], a regular Uyoo in normal skin [fucking racist resin color names!], with a default Soom faceup, outfit by the grab bag with help from Andrea.Read more... )

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Andrea sent me a picture this morning of the stuff she made for me. How cool!!Read more... )

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Andrea sent me some possibilities of printed cotton for some 1:6 scale clothes she's making me. I put check marks on the ones I prefer.
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[personal profile] seventhbard  just had a great experience with Holy Clothing, a store that sells made-to-wear stuff in dark bright colors with lots of drapey flourishes. I'm investigating them now and may purchase from them in the future...

EDIT: "Retro-futurist elan?" Really? I know copyeditors face supreme challenges in differentiating and hyping similar items, but that phrase is just ridiculous.

The Retrofuturists sounds like a secret cabal of time travelers. :D

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Over the years, I've developed a signature style that I use on many of my dolls. I am now finally able to define it...It is a look characterized by layers [tank/vest, T-shirt/armwarmers, shorts/leggings, pants/skirt, etc.] and deep vibrant colors, especially lime green, lemon yellow, tangerine orange, magenta, hot pink and warm purple. Multiple patterns, especially dots, stripes and paisleys, also figure prominently, often in the same ensemble.
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Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, my favoritest doll clothes ever are these really cheap ones from $5.00 Uneeda Brittany dolls that I got in 2009 from Doctor on MWD. [Here's the post that turned me on to his fabulous finds.] Tackyyyyyy skiiiiiiirts... I only have so many Uneeda pieces though, but there are legions of dolls longing for the signature style!
I'm hitting up OJI for some lemon, lime, purple and magenta leggings, but it would be great to have some more skirts in my signature style that actually fit over my dolls' asses. [Uneeda skirts, made for dolls with no asses, barely fasten in back for anyone, especially if they are wearing "accent skirts" over pants, like Anna is.]  ] And some tanks...I spent so many years shoving Anneka and Will into my various tanks that they're pretty stretched out. :(

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I buffed out any major scratches on Novella's face with 600 grit sandpaper this morning, then gave her some temporary eyes. I want to get her some bright glittery anguineous ones with slit pupils, but these purple DD-Annes will do for now. Then I snapped a few pictures.
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Of course, I still have a substantial amount of work to do on her. Her left hand is floppy for some reason and, even though I tightened her body stringing, she's still a bit floppy. She needs appropriate eyes and neon snakes for hair. For her outfit, I have to swap her tights for a tighter pair [hah] and replace the white ribbons on her top with some bright, light color [basically anything but white]. She also needs a few layers of jewelry around her neck, as well as FUZZY RAINBOW LEGWARMERS decorated with pompoms. I'd love to get her some bright yellow platform heels, but I'm not sure they exist in her size. Hmmm...

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She's the one with a purple hair cone in this Flickr picture. Very LHFy! Official pics here. She looks great in that Mod dress; it complements her faceup and updo really well. Hmmm, I feel lust coming on.
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Frappzilla posted a picture of her Customhouse Hyun on Rags to Resin [first photo on left], and, even though he has a more unified palette, he's worthy to stand next to Janvier Jett in his eyeball-assaulting glory. It's a thing of beauty. Janvier Jett approves:Read more... )
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Just like yesterday. First, in an effort to whiten Novella's head, I stuck her in a shot glass of 70% isopropyl alcohol with a plastic bag rubber-banded over the top so the alcohol didn't escape. I soaked her from 6 PM last night to 1 PM this afternoon, then cleaned her off for 45 minutes with a melamine sponge.
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Elizabeth Jr. just directed me to Barbie Styled By Me, where you choose from a limited number of sculpts and incredibly tacky outfits, as well as a T-shirt with a user-selected nine-letter message, and assemble your own custom styled Barbie. Here's mine, rockin' the signature bold, mismatching, heavily patterned style of all my dolls. In case you can't read the minuscule letters on her eye-bleedingly pink T-shirt, it says DRAGQUEEN.
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I think Ellery might need her clothes. They're not very dykey, but they are atrociously mismatched. Unfortunately, again, as is the case with Nosferatu Taeyang, a doll comes with the clothes. Poop.

P.S. She has blue shoes!!

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So I got the Dollzone outfit today, removed the fur from one of the armholes and the mesh holding the two sides together, thus turning it into an asymmetrical vest with silver leather and studs. Bluish or greenish, patterned underbust corset coming to finish off the outfit. Sarah just looks weary with the whole proceedings at this point.
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The pink hot pants and yellow stockings came in the mail today, along with Junebug's armbands. Sarah looks increasingly worried about the tackiness of this outfit, while Junebug thinks she is awesome for having bright pink armbands.

Regarding the status of this outfit, I think I'm slowly achieving meretriciousness. Needs more necklaces and some sort of belt, though.

EDIT: I have [hopefully] commissioned a waist cincher somewhere in the neon green to turquoise section of the spectrum. I have also purchased the Dollzone outfit at the link here [secondhand, so as not to support evil cheating BJD co.] with the intent of modding the top into a beautifully overdone vest.

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Sarah: "This is humiliating."
Me: "It's only for as long as I need to take a picture."
Sarah: "Please return me to my NORMAL clothes."

Thoughts: Needs more yellow, green, layers, stripes and patterns. Wig is also a bit too big.
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So today I went to Claire's Accessories, your neighborhood purveyor of tacky shit, and picked up some hair clips for my dolls and a necklace for Lola Paprika. Unfortunately, Junebug was a little too enthusiastic about modeling it.Read more... )
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Okay, here's what I have gathered so far for Lola's outfit. The only definite items so far are the shirt and the shoes. I'm disturbed by the amount of matching going on between the wig and the shirt, so the wig may be replaced for a light pink mohair, even though I truly adore the violent magenta. The existence of the skirt depends on how loud it looks compared to the multiple layers of legwear and armwear. Right now it's clashing nicely with the stockings, which may or may not be in the final ensemble. Further bulletins as events warrant, say, when the yellow polka-dotted slouch socks and the pink leggings come in. Excelsior!! Read more... )
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This is my concept of Lola Paprika as of last night. Please ignore the long arms, short legs and other misproportions. Unfortunately, the concept has problems with it:

Colors are not accurately represented.
Patterns are not shown.
Outfit is not tacky enough. Not enough clashing patterns.

I'm working on all three of the problems as we speak. The result, I hope, will be very LHFy.Read more... )
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So today I ordered my Angelsdoll Hyang, who came, avec faceup, to $309.00. Her name is Lola, inspired by the classic Kinks song, and her concept is that of a cool, somewhat mismatching, ‘80s style girl.

I met her in a club down in North SoHo
Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like Coca Cola,
C-O-L-A, cola.
She walked up to me and she asked me to dance.
I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said, “Lola.
L-O-L-A, Lola.”

I’ve been shopping for her since this morning. I chose her some 14mm Captured in Glass eyes that are colored like a muzzy pie chart in various light pastels. I hope that the light colors of her eyes will catch light, which apparently none of my dolls’ eyes really do.

Her faceup will be a custom job painted to look like this one, shown on Angelsdoll’s Cat Avatar Ieseul. Look at all that blue and yellow eyeshadow!! 

Not sure what I’ll do for her wig, but I do have a nice light pink candy floss mohair wig that Divas by Design sent me along with Araminthe’s custom order. Or the hot magenta fur wig! Or she could wear the violent pink yarn one, assuming that custom order ever gets finished. :(

For her outfit, she’ll be wearing some of the default pieces that come with her, namely the black stockings, red snakeskin fur-trimmed jacket, black hot pants and black turtleneck sleeveless shirt. I hope to add hot pink leggings that go to the top of the calf, matching short armwarmers, as well as yellow stockings with white polka dots, worn slouched down, and black pleather platform pumps. I’d like to fit some neon green in there somehow too. She’ll look so obnoxious! :D :D :D

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Anneka models more Moxie Teens fashions, all of which fit CGs beautifully. The first is marketed as a night gown, but it works very well as a dress and bolero for action figs. The second outfit is made of Melrose's top and Bijou's pants. Bijou's pants actually go up to Anneka's waist and close in the  back, making a very effective pair of skinny jeans! I bought all four Moxie Teens and the night gown set at full price, but I am very pleased with the results. Now I have to figure out what to do with four naked Moxie Teens on my desk....
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I ordered Moxie Teens Melrose and Bijou [I already cannibalized Tristen and Arizona for their clothes], along with a pajamas set that looks like a nice lightweight summer dress. Melrose and Bijou shall donate their clothes to my 1:6ers, and I shall be up more 1:6 outfits at an exorbitant price! I'm really looking forward to Bijou's transparent pink over-blouse and the jeans [over some long shirts, of course, for I hear they are too short-waisted otherwise]. Since I have a lot of extra money, compared to when I lived at my previous apartment, I can afford to invest in my dollies, hurrah!

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Anneka and Will wear clothes from Moxie Teens. Will's skirt and scarf are Moxie Teens, as are Anneka's shirt and skirt. Fabulous?!Read more... )
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This, right here. Reminds me of Zinnia Pascale.
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Maggie, Anneka and Will. Will is wearing an A-line dress that Andrea made for CGs with a reversed Jet pleather top as a corset. That pig he's holding is from Andrea too. Thanks, an42!  Read more... )
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Nicely enough, Andrea shipped her with a hoard of Rement so she wouldn't get hungry and also some clothes so she could dress herself in clashing LHF style.
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Kinjou, who, along with Andrea, is also God, sent me many wonderful 1:6 things, which I received today. Various LHFers immediately claimed some of the clothes. Here they are:

Will's sweatshirt and skirt come from a Takara Jenny doll. Stupendously, he fit! Davry and Sarah both have goggles from a Takara Jenny friend doll. Gemini wears an overshirt from a My Scene Masquerade boxer outfit and My Scene male shoes. Sibley wears a nasty jacket from a My Scene Masquerade rock star outfit. Dom's white shoulder sash is a scarf from a Takara Jenny friend. He also is wearing a strap on his leg [not shown] from some belt. Sarah is sitting on some sort of dresser/chair convertible plastic piece of furniture from a dollar store. Read more... )
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So I got a 12" Character Options Martha Jones doll in a trade from corsetkitten today. She has a marvelously molded face with a welcoming, neutral expression, a simplified and realistic paint job and a passable likeness to Freema Agyeman. Actually, the doll has a longer, wider face with larger, less classically beautiful features than the person it's supposed to represent. I think that only adds to her realism, however. Furthermore, her hands are small, proportionate and intricately sculpted in useful relaxed positions, including the character's jewelry. I love her face and her hands.

I really hate the cheap, poorly constructed body, though. It completely lacks aesthetic appeal. The upper arms and upper thighs are not perfectly cylindrical, so any use of the swivel joints shows how the upper and lower parts of the limb do not perfectly mesh. Furthermore, the double-ganged knees and elbows have horrible notches at the tops and bottoms, making the bent limbs look unrealistic and hideous. In fact, I have no idea why the Dr. Who dolls have double-ganged limbs because, unlike other double-ganged limbs with better joint designs [e.g., Obitsu, CG, DML...heck, pretty much anything], the double joints actually add nothing to the poseability. You can't see the nasty articulation under her clothes, but trust don't want to.

Anyway, may I now present the latest character in LHF? I don't know who she is, but she's certainly not Martha Jones or even Alicia Simms [who I had originally planned to enplasticate with this fig]. She isn't even finished because she lacks Pink Hair of Awesomeness. However, she is quite adamant that her FQ [Fabulosity Quotient] is astronomical already!

She's wearing a dress by Andrea, stockings from a BBI Goth Angel, shoes from a Mattel My Scene horror and a 1:1 stained glass earring dangling in her cleavage. Believe it or not -- I actually spend quite a bit of time deciding how to dress my characters in the LHF style [whatever that is]. Read more... )
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Some people look really good in them! Obviously our good friends at ugly_crap are unimpressed, however.

Will, however, is VERY impressed.

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Aria, from the Dynamite Girls' Electropop release, has pink hair and fabulously mismatched clothes. She's almost LHF-worthy in her default state. I would be more impressed if I couldn't cobble together a similar doll for much less from my existing hoard. I do like her, though, but I think there's a distressing lack of neon in a series supposedly based on fashions of the 1980s.
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Andrea sent me 75 tons of 1:6 clothing, food, heads, bodies, body parts, furniture and accessories, which arrived yesterday by priority mail. The following are from that package: Will's stockings, Pippilotta's new body [hooray!], her blazer, her shorts set, her stockings, her legwarmers and Anneka's dress.  Further photos of the booty later.  Read more... )
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Let's see...what's the recipe for this doll?

1 Triad Otaku head
1 standard Barbie torso
2 CG 1.0 arms
2 CG 1.0 hands
1 27cm Obitsu pelvis
2 27cm Obitsu pelvis legs
1 repaint by Corsetkitten
1 head of hair from fake pink fur wig
1 Flavas baseball cap
1 set goggles from some war dolly
1 Uneeda sweatshirt
1 Antique Dreaming Momoko apron
1 pair Yu Sai Wa Wa capris
1 pair Medicom Fujiko bootfeet

Stylistically, Sarah is obviously related to Pippilotta and Rori. She's not mismatching enough to launch into fabulosity the way that Zinnia Pascale is, but she has enough unusual elements to her outfit to make her look decidedly odd.

I don't really like Sarah's shoes; they don't go with the rest of her outfit. I also need to weather her face.   Read more... )
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So Doctor over on MWD picked me up some $5.00 Uneeda fashion dolls from an Indianan clearance store. He had previously posted pictures of the outfits from said finds. Amazingly enough, all pieces fit CGs, except for shoes and underwear. Attracted by the neon colors, I sought the Uneeda outfits for those characters of mine without fashion sense. Results are shown below.

Oh yeah...and a note about light. As shown in this photo, my spiffy full-spectrum lights are much too harsh, focused and intense, creating dramatic shadows that I don't need all the time. I must figure out how to diffuse my light sources. And now back to our show.  Read more... )
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Well, I just paid for Ethan's clothes, so he will have a complete outfit of shirt [which I have], breeches, stockings and banyan [last three commissioned]. A banyan is a loose robe-like housecoat for men, often with Chinese- or Japanese-inspired designs. Popular during the 1700s and 1800s in Europe, the banyan reflected a fascination with "Oriental" culture and motifs. Don't tell me you didn't learn something today.

I was talking to cobroldy, who did Ethan's outfit for me, about doing a dandy outfit for Will largely copied after the affectations of Oscar Wilde. I'm not doing it right now because I don't have the money, but I do want to record some ideas and sources of inspiration. Will's Wildean suit will be in shades of purple, most likely aping the style of Wilde's suit shown in these photos:
Read more... )

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LHF characters dress in one of two styles. Some wear subdued clothing, either historical or utilitarian. Others wear mismatched flamboyant disasters. See chart.Read more... )

There are more subdued characters than flamboyant ones, but I have more flamboyant clothes than I do subdued ones. Because I assign each character, no matter how minor, his/her own body and outfit[s], I've run out of subdued outfits, especially pants and shoes. I wish I could just buy jeans and sneakers in bulk. Since I can't, here are some sources for subdued clothes [when I have the $$$]:

Triad's Eye Spy 1.0 is a set of 1 neutral black long-sleeved shirt and 1 pair neutral black pants for guys, $19.00. Triad also makes bootcut denim jeans for fems, $20.00, but I don't like the idea of spending $20.00 on one article of doll clothing. Triad also makes fem biker boots, $7.00 a pair.

A quick poke around the Web reveals that Doll Clothes Superstore has some REALLY CHEAP items for Ken dolls, which may be big enough to fit over Cy Girls' asses. Silk bathrobe, $4.55. Jeans, $3.50. White tank and cargo shorts, $3.85. Sport shirt and jeans, $4.35.  And my favorite, What Is Going On?, $5.45. Take the link. It's silly. This place also offers clothing for Barbies at similar prices.

And more Ken doll clothes from Barbee and Friends. Higher prices [$6.50 for jeans and a T-shirt] than Doll Clothes Superstore and a smaller selection. Jeans and T-shirt with choice of colors, $6.50. Scrubs [neutral navy blue], $8.50. Pajamas [white tank and plaid pants], $5.50.

Adventure Gear has great stuff, especially plaid shirts and flannel shirts!!

Look -- dull pants from A.J. Clothiers! This site also sells historically approximate chemises, dresses, gowns, shirts, vests, etc.

What I'm gathering is that Triad's prices are quite high.



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